Monday, July 30, 2007

A work in progress...

I'm so tired this morning for some reason. Gotta get going though - so much to do! I ordered all the fabric to re-vamp my sewing room last night. I ordered several different patterns from the same collection - Heather Bailey's relatively new collection called Fresh Cut. I have been obsessed with it! I'm praying it turns out cute because I just spent a small fortune in fabric.

Went to Clanton yesterday for a bridal tea for cousin Krysta and had a great visit with my granddad (Boopie) before I went home. Mentioned to him my need for a table for cutting patterns and he sweetly offered to either keep his eyes out for one or make me one. Of course I'd rather have something he made me over anything else so I'm going to head to Lowe's sometime this week and buy some legs for the table and take them to him. We also took a look at my grandmother's beautiful old Singer sewing machine. Oh, it was beautiful and he just had it tuned up so it is in great working order! I of course had to mention that I wanted it so that it didn't end up in the hands of someone undeserving. That is one of those inherited items that would have a great deal of meaning to me and probably not so much to others. But, I have to say one more was beautiful!

Anyway, I'm posting pictures (somewhat embarrassing pictures) of my sewing room "before" so I can document my progress. Yes, it's still a mess but it's getting there. We also mysteriously lost wireless internet over the weekend so it's really a mess right now with my cords pulled everywhere.

I'm hard at work this week trying to get some sample items ready for the website and for some upcoming trunk shows that a few sweet friends have volunteered to have for me! I think it is going to be a great way to get my name out, drum up some new business, and hopefully make a few bucks in the process! I think hubby might be getting a little concerned since my money spent on fabric out-weighs the money that is coming in! But, still....I keep buying more!
Today's goal: finish Ginny's Mother/Daughter outfit for her family reunion!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ever had one of those friends?

Have you ever had one of those type of friends that - just when you think you have totally talked their ear off about the same thing over and over, they still genuinely care and are interested when you talk about it again for the millionth (or billionth) time? I have one of those. I probably have a few, but there is one in particular. Even though I still preface most conversations with "I promise I won't get started talking about this again, BUT...." her response is still....No, please tell me about it! That's a good friend. Thank you friend!

Today was still a productive day even though I slept in til 7am and went to the pool for a few hours. Finished up an order that needs to be delivered on Sunday, did two loads of laundry....and most importantly GOT SOME SUN on this white skin! I can feel the heat radiating off my skin and it feels good! Oh's been so long!

No pictures for you today....except maybe this birthday girl! Paris turns ONE tomorrow! Happy Day to my little girl!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who gets this excited?

about fabric? I'm sure there are other people, but no one I know! Anyway, how cute is this? I have huge plans for this pink and brown paisley! Maybe some matching Mother/Daughter outfits? Well, there can be several because I bought the whole bolt!

And, what about this little cutie to match? I bought all they had of it last week which was only a yard, but I'll be back for more! I know this is exciting to only a few, but it was too cute not to share!

Not much exciting today. Oh, but there was some crafting ( as there is most days ) I monogrammed some panties today for a friend to give at a lingerie shower this weekend and they turned out PERFECTLY! I was a little nervous because they are so tiny but they came together without a hitch.

Now, off to being a bon bons are calling!

Monday, July 23, 2007

So in love....

With my new apron!

Saturday I helped host a wedding shower for my sweet cousin Krysta. When I went over to set up, she gave me an apron that my mom had made back in the 80's. Precious to me. Anyway, I bought some fabric a few weeks ago from J. Caroline Creative (see favorite links) with the express purpose of making an apron. I didn't have a pattern at the time. The apron from Krysta was a perfect fit....not too long, not too short. Long ones make me feel restricted (picky?) point is this apron was perfect for copying. For the first time I made something with no pattern and no instructions. I'm so proud! It is reversible too and I added pockets! One side for cleaning house one side for cooking! This fabric was hard to pass up - Tidy Up by Michael Miller.
Well, let's see what today brings. It is the first day of my new "job"! I'm excited about being a housewife....perfect gig for wearing my new apron too! I have to admit I'm not feeling super today. Had about 20 Apple Martinis with the hubby last night. It was wonderful really. Unfortunately he had to head to work this morning with a slight headache.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free at last...

Thank God I'm free at last!
My time at a desk job has come to an end with surprising ease and I'm ready to go to work on the millions of projects that are swarming through my head. I'll spare most of the gorey details of my last day of work (considering the whole day lasted...umm...1 1/2 hours!) I got to work at 7:30 with resignation letter in hand....nervous as a cat about telling Mr. B that I'd had just about enough....was called into his office at 9am and was out of there by 9:25....never to return! He let me go before I even had a chance to turn in my letter, but don't worry - I left it there for him to read. Enough said.

Now, here I am on a Sunday morning at 7:30 remembering that in 24 hours I can still be here, right where I am - in bed with my doggies, typing, sewing, cleaning, planning, rearranging, grocery shopping, doing laundry, walking the dogs, excercising, cooking breakfast, or whatever else I damn well please rather than rushing to work to endure another day of....the grind. It feels pretty good. It feels pretty overwhelming. So much to do and so much time to do it! Who would have ever thought I'd have that problem? ha. I need a plan. What to do first? Well, definitely finish all my current orders and ship them off so I can start from scratch. Definitely stay out of the fabric and craft stores since I received my last paycheck yesterday. Need to make that one last for a while - or at least until I get some more orders! Definitely clean house. Definitely grocery shop. Ok, wait...that's too much.
I've said it before and I'll say it again... thank you... to all my friends and family who have helped me get through this past month and the struggle with quitting the job and taking this venture to a new level. Thanks for all the well wishes sent through voicemail, email, myspace, etc. Thanks to Ginny for spending most of the day with me on Friday when I walked out for the last time and thanks to Caroline for making me smile the day before when I was so stressed! Thanks to my hubby for being so supportive - wasn't really what he wanted at first, but I think he's happy now. I think he'll be happy to have me at home too - clean laundry and no more bare cupboards! I think he'll be even more happy when I start making some money! haha! Thanks - to you all!
On a completely different note, I had some theraputic moments in our backyard Saturday morning. Took some pictures. I try to do it every season so we'll remember what we did the year before. I have to say we are slacking right now. I didn't take pictures of the things that this summer drought has dried up....only the pretty things and the things that make me that collection of mushrooms and the struggling patch of impatiens by the swing or the Garner Birdhouse from Jason's mom. Or especially Miss Savannah (as I call her) and the Elephant Ears behind her. The Knockout Roses and purple Vinca that are looking ever so lovely despite the fact that we need to re-mulch that bed so badly. Oh, and the Blue Mountain flowers....these were a random purchase from Lowe's that Jason picked out. Is that why they are special? Ok, so maybe the yard doesn't look so bad after pretty much all makes me happy.

Oh, and I also had a fun little craft project on Saturday. New Key Fobs!
These are so fun....made one for myself, one for a friend and two to sell on the website. There will be more of these to come. Not necessarily because they will be big sellers, but because I enjoy making them. Isn't that how this whole thing got started anyway?

So, here I at last. Where do I start?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Giving this a shot

I have been reading a lot of "blogs" lately from some very inspirational, creative people. Some of them are under my favorite links on this page! I've never really thought anyone would be interested in some of the "stuff" I have to say....I'm not really sure I even have anything to say...but I'm sure nobody really thinks they are interesting!

I'm on the brink of doing some really huge with Sweet Dreams Designs. Some of you know about it, some of you don't. But all of you will find out soon! Something that is going to make me very happy - Something that is going to allow me to do exactly what I want to do. Yes, it has taken a few different career paths to make me realize what I am cut out for - call me non-committal - but I have finally found it I believe. Of course, if you ask my husband he will say I will be doing something completely different this time next year, but I'm not so sure. I have talked all of my friend's and family's ears off about the drama that is my career and I appreciate all of the advice and putting up with having the same conversations over and over for the past month (or two...can't remember!)

Without any further hesitation, I'll post this now and begin my new blog! More to come....