Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ever had one of those friends?

Have you ever had one of those type of friends that - just when you think you have totally talked their ear off about the same thing over and over, they still genuinely care and are interested when you talk about it again for the millionth (or billionth) time? I have one of those. I probably have a few, but there is one in particular. Even though I still preface most conversations with "I promise I won't get started talking about this again, BUT...." her response is still....No, please tell me about it! That's a good friend. Thank you friend!

Today was still a productive day even though I slept in til 7am and went to the pool for a few hours. Finished up an order that needs to be delivered on Sunday, did two loads of laundry....and most importantly GOT SOME SUN on this white skin! I can feel the heat radiating off my skin and it feels good! Oh's been so long!

No pictures for you today....except maybe this birthday girl! Paris turns ONE tomorrow! Happy Day to my little girl!


CMsMom said...

Yeah, it is great to have a friend like that! Thanks for being mine!