Monday, July 30, 2007

A work in progress...

I'm so tired this morning for some reason. Gotta get going though - so much to do! I ordered all the fabric to re-vamp my sewing room last night. I ordered several different patterns from the same collection - Heather Bailey's relatively new collection called Fresh Cut. I have been obsessed with it! I'm praying it turns out cute because I just spent a small fortune in fabric.

Went to Clanton yesterday for a bridal tea for cousin Krysta and had a great visit with my granddad (Boopie) before I went home. Mentioned to him my need for a table for cutting patterns and he sweetly offered to either keep his eyes out for one or make me one. Of course I'd rather have something he made me over anything else so I'm going to head to Lowe's sometime this week and buy some legs for the table and take them to him. We also took a look at my grandmother's beautiful old Singer sewing machine. Oh, it was beautiful and he just had it tuned up so it is in great working order! I of course had to mention that I wanted it so that it didn't end up in the hands of someone undeserving. That is one of those inherited items that would have a great deal of meaning to me and probably not so much to others. But, I have to say one more was beautiful!

Anyway, I'm posting pictures (somewhat embarrassing pictures) of my sewing room "before" so I can document my progress. Yes, it's still a mess but it's getting there. We also mysteriously lost wireless internet over the weekend so it's really a mess right now with my cords pulled everywhere.

I'm hard at work this week trying to get some sample items ready for the website and for some upcoming trunk shows that a few sweet friends have volunteered to have for me! I think it is going to be a great way to get my name out, drum up some new business, and hopefully make a few bucks in the process! I think hubby might be getting a little concerned since my money spent on fabric out-weighs the money that is coming in! But, still....I keep buying more!
Today's goal: finish Ginny's Mother/Daughter outfit for her family reunion!