Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When it rains...

yep, that's right - it pours! No complaints here, though. If you had asked me two weeks ago how business was, you definitely wouldn't get the same response as you will get today! Before I quit my job, I was swamped with business and dress orders. As soon as I walked out the door, so did the orders! So, I guess maybe needing the break, I started working on some winter projects - knowing that my trunk show was coming up soon. (Like how I mention that in every post? It is a subliminal message to encourage you to have one too! haha!) Now, here it is the end of the month and I'm happy to say that the orders have started flowing again. YEA! I have to admit I was a little worried for a while. What a scary leap of faith going out on my own, but I really think it is going to work out. Who knows, before too much longer I may have a position open for hire! haha - I have my first employee in mind already!

That being said, I did have some help over the past couple of days. My sweet mother in law was here and was a huge help with everything from ideas to labor! I'm very lucky to have a great MIL and to have a good relationship with her. We took a break around lunch time yesterday and went somewhere I have been wanting to go for a while - Whole Foods! I am not sure how many people get a kick out of the grocery store, but we had the best time in there! That place is wonderful. I really wondered what all the hype was about and why the parking lot was completely full every time I drove by, but now I know. How cool! So, Martha Stewart, the next time you call for that crazy ingredient I have never heard of, I will know where to go find it! I swear we spent 20 minutes in the dessert section alone. Their bakery is fantastic! And the gelato - yum! Need a cactus leaf? Whole Foods. Need Ugly Ripe Tomatoes? (No, seriously - that's what they're called) Anyway, a good time was had by all!

Today I am finishing up the project that me and MIL started yesterday. My sweet sis in law ordered an outfit for a newborn baby boy for a shower tomorrow. We started it yesterday thinking we could finish it yesterday. We could have, but with the a/c being out of order until late yesterday evening, the sweat and headaches really hendered that progress. At about 9pm I gave up. I just had to stop and go lay down. I had had enough. But today, that is going to be the first thing I finish and I'm taking it to the post office asap. I know it won't get there by tomorrow, but at least the effort will have been made.

Also, today I am expecting to get in the fabric that I ordered for the Auburn tailgate tablecloth. That is first order of business and whatever happens next happens! Still looking forward to the game this weekend although we have decided not to go. I'm really sad, but with the long weekend J has decided to go to his dad's house to work on a fence they have been building. I guess that is ok - I really need to keep on sewing anyway. We will be down in the next few weeks. This weekend would have been great though - only 88 degrees. Plus it is the first game and people are so excited and almost everyone comes to that one. I hope lots of my little orange and blue Sweet Dreams Designs will be running around that campus on Saturday! Wish I was going to be there to see them!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Countdown to crazy

Good morning! As we speak I am lying in bed with my two sweet doggies enjoying the olden days of no air conditioning! Over the weekend our upstairs a/c finally just quit. J says it froze so we turned it off and let it "thaw" out so we could sleep upstairs last night. The night before we slept on separate couches to keep cool. J's mom is also here so we wanted her to be comfortable as well. Hopefully it will be fixed by the end of the day.

I'm always glad when my M-I-L comes but this time I am especially appreciative! We stayed up till about 12:30 getting things ready for the first Trunk Show coming up on the 13th of Sept. I think today I should be able to get several dresses ready. She helped me by cutting out fabric swatches for my swatch book and sewing on buttons. (some of those tasks that take forever that I have been putting off) Today, we are probably going to go to Streetwise Consignment to look for some old shutters. I am going to try to find a few of them to hinge together to use as a display for some of the clothing at the show. This was yet another great idea from M-I-L! If anyone reading has any other good ideas for displays or anything else related to the show, please post here! I appreciate your help!

To be perfectly honest I am pretty nervous about my first show. Thank God it is at a friend's house....that helps some, but it's a real show! My first debut! Ack! I should have a decent amount of items ready, but it will never be enough. This whole branching out on my own/starting a new business thing has been all trial and error anyway, so I guess I will just have to think of it as a learning experience.

Off to start my day!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Couldn't wait!

Here she is! My little bubble suit I have been working on ALL day! The first one always takes the longest. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Ready for an Auburn Tailgate!

Can't wait to see it on!

War Eagle!

Monogram Momma: Tailgate Entertaining by Southern Standards

Monogram Momma: Tailgate Entertaining by Southern Standards

Auburn Here I Come!

See? Two days in a row! Now all of you daily checkers can get back in the habit too! Lunch yesterday was delicious and in good company. Surin 280 is very cool for anyone who cares. I have a feeling there will be a GNO dinner there sometime since you can bring your own wine! How fun is that? Yesterday was a good day. Paris was an angel at the vet - only 118 lbs though. I really thought she'd weigh more, but she's only a year old. Lunch was great as I mentioned. Then I still got things done when I got home! OH, and most excitedly I got some new fabric shipped in yesterday that will allow me to finish three projects! Three Auburn projects actually - an orange a blue polka dot skirt, blue polka dot pants, and navy seersucker pants to go with a little boy's Auburn polo! Gotta love those Auburn fans.

I can't believe it is almost football season again. I am about to make a tablecloth for another fellow AU fan's tailgate and it gets me really pumped about tailgating. I wish J and I had a nice big tailgate with cute table cloths, nice Auburn platters and the works. That will probably never happen though and we will continue to join in on other people's tailgates - easier for us, but maybe not as much fun. We probably couldn't afford the expense of it every weekend anyway. Boo. I guess we will be heading down for the first game but unfortunately heading back home before the game starts since it is so late and we have the little ones to think about! Would love to take Miss Paris with us, but probably not to the first one. We will probably wait till it cools down some too.

Oh all this tailgate talk has got me spinning! Here is another blogger that I read pretty often - an AUburn grad and fantastic tailgater! Read here and you will agree with everything she says...remembering those sorority days and thanking the dear LORD that we don't wear heels to the games anymore! But don't even think I haven't been shopping FOUR times for outfits for the games! I do have an array of orange gear to wear to any game in any season...let's just hope we make it down there for a few!

(you should read her....good blogger - and young and an AU alum. Fun craft ideas too)

Ok, so that brings me to what's up today:

Finishing a precious gingham Auburn bubble suit (that I monogrammed last night in orange and attached rick rack - OMG can't wait to finish and post pics!)

Cleaning house. Geez, I'm so dreading this. My usual cleaning days fall on Mondays and Tuesdays, but since coming back from the beach I haven't touched a single cleaning product. J's Nana is coming on Sunday so I have to clean up good for her. She has never seen the house before. I have to clean today because Saturday is going to be very busy. Going to Auburn for cousin Krysta's wedding and delivering a few finished items that morning. I'm not going to say I'm looking forward to making that drive by myself.

All that being said and in total random fashion....I WILL have an AUBURN football party AT MY HOUSE THIS SEASON. There....it has been written in the blog, therefore it is true.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back to the grindstone...

Well, it has been a long time now, hasn't it! I returned from my anniversary vacation on Sunday and here it is Thursday and I'm just now getting to the blog. It has taken hubby and I both several days to get used to our old schedule...got a little too comfy with daily 2 hour naps while at the beach! We had a great time, but are both happy to be back. I'm so horrible with unpacking....everything in the suitcase is clean (since I washed daily at the beach....obessed???) but we just keep using it like a drawer - pulling undies out every morning and choosing our wardrobe by what's in the bag. Oh, I hate unpacking. Packing too, for that matter.
Ok, so here's what's going on with me. I'm getting ready for my first trunk show
coming up in September which means I am sewing like crazy. Got a few new things
on the site, but working on lots more. The first new thing is the birthday
outfits below...boys and girls. I think they are pretty cute - and simple - but
cute! Click the picture to see it and more pictures on the site!

After many requests, I have also decided to put aprons on the site. Got a new order for a fun one yesterday - pinks and greens! I have also had a few requests for shirts like the green one I made myself. (See previous blog) Though I really had no intentions of selling this item, it has been so popular with my friends it just has to be on the site too! Nothing wrong with that! Click here to purchase:


I also just finished up a little cutie for fall! Not sure if this is heading to the site or not....probably! Why not?

Today I am having lunch with a friend and taking sweet Paris to the vet. Hopefully when I return home I will finish the new bubble suit so I can get pictures of it on the site too. I have got to get back in the swing of blogging. I promise I'll do better. OMG - 105 degrees today! Heaven's to Betsy!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Check your hormones at the door....

It's been one of those weeks...hormonal being an understatement. But don't worry, this isn't going to be one of those writings that brings you down....I'm feeling great tonight. Great enough to stop what I'm doing and tell someone about it. I'm alone - in a good way. It's been a while since I have had three consecutive days alone in my own bed and usually I enjoy the peace and quiet, but not this time. Hubby's gone to his old stomping grounds and I have been bored out of my mind. Seriously...me. The one who always has something to keep them occupied. The one who can always find something to do. Is it because I'm having my lady week, or is it because I'm alone? I'm opting for the first choice because it has been the common theme for my entire week. Tired. Bored. Tired of even creating. Tired of sewing. Tired of pretty much everything. Ok, enough of that negativity....the reason I took time out tonight to write is because I have had the most wonderful evening. Feasting on a gourmet appetizer of garlic bread (not even toasted!) and enjoying Apple Martinis as my main course, I had a fantastic girly evening all of my own. Just me and the girls! I had no idea how much I had needed one of these nights. Me, the pups, a chick flick and a couple of martinis....now that's a good night worth writing about!
I had so wanted to have a roomful of girls here tonight feasting on martinis and movies, but that didn't work out and I guess that's ok, because maybe a night alone is exactly what I needed.

If you are still reading, you know by now, I am rambling and venting and etc.

Funny how nature just has its way of slowing you down and telling you exactly when you need a break. It MAKES you take a break because it doesn't really matter what you are doing you get aggravated and have to walk away. I had that kind of week. One project that totally kicked my butt. One that I have had to walk away from several times. Oh, but don't worry....I'll have plenty of time to take a break next week!

Upcoming is my second anniversary. Hard to believe it's been that long, but in a way it feels like so much longer. Not in a bad way of course, but J and I have been close for so long. Our lives were much different then and so much better now!

I also had such a great visit today from a dear friend that I miss so much. We were finally able to get together with Julie on Thursday and then I was lucky enough to have her visit again on Saturday. EK, I could just love you to pieces! I miss them both so much and wish that they were closer. Old friends are such dear friends...

Ok, so that's my night in a nutshell. A little more Saturday Night Live, a little more Apple Martini, and then off to bed.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And by the way - I like girls.

My GIRLFRIENDS that is! Sorry, I could not resist pulling that line from our very *adult* conversation from last night! Thank you ladies for a fun evening, too many raspberry margaritas, and for being a part of some very interesting Tuesday night nightlife in Birmingham!

Today I'm kind of watching the clock and the phone. I want to get into some crafting and sewing but can't get too busy doing much since I'm picking up Julie at the airport sometime around lunch.

Traci's Apron
Everyone will be proud to know I got all the things on my "to do" list finished and in time for our Tuesday night dinner! (And, girls you know I'll need to see pictures....thanks!) My shirt was a hit too!

Yesterday, I started some other fun little goodies for my $5 bin that will be featured at my first Trunk Show. Pot Holders, Card Wallets (for business cards or credit cards) and we'll see what else develops today and tomorrow. I'll have pictures of these things for you then too....my little wallets are lacking a button right now and cannot be unveiled.

Ok, change in plans....no Julie, no lunch with the girls....heading to The Smocking Bird to begin some BOY Stuff!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Many many things...

So much going on this week and it has flown by! I can no longer say TGIF because Fridays really just aren't that special anymore and I'm not relieved by there presence anymore. Every day's a Friday....or a Saturday or Sunday for that matter. Every day is great and full and busy with so many new projects. Speaking of projects....

First project: Finished Ginny and Caroline's adorable Mother/Daughter outfits for them to wear to the family reunion tomorrow! Took pictures, posted to the web, etc etc etc. Could rave about my satisfaction of this project for days! As a matter of fact, I have!

Second project: I began trying my hand at applique this week! Made two cute little wintertime jumpers - yes more girly stuff. I have GOT to get started on some boy things after many many requests. Back to the jumpers...one is for Christmas with a tree and lights and the other is pink corduroy with a little flower in a pot on it. I'm thinking...."Put some SPRING in her step this fall!" as the tag line for that particular outfit....whaddaya think?

Third project : An adorable wintertime flannel in pink with scarves and toboggans on it. And my favorite part....red ball fringe! I think this one will be "SNOW much fun!" Ok, maybe I'm getting a little cheesy, but if it works, it works!

Fourth project: Traci's apron fabric came in yesterday and I have it all cut out ready to be put together, but something else got in the way....see fifth project!
Fifth project: My sewing room fabric came in! YEA! I already have one panel curtain made and one more to go, along with pillows, cushions, a table skirt and whatever else I can make with all of these yummy fabrics! And now, a plug for my new favorite fabric designer: Heather Bailey. She has recently designed the most beautiful fabrics and the best part is they are such wonderful quality! I was so pleased when the fabrics came yesterday. They were so perfect there was no need to even iron or wash them. I will be making clothes out of these fabrics one of these days....maybe Spring.
What are next week's projects, you ask? Finish the Auburn dress for Savannah that I have been meaning to get to for two months. Finish Traci's apron (both must be done by Tuesday for our GNO dinner!! Did someone say margaritas?) Maybe get another panel curtain done. Finish a shirt I started today for myself. Do a little more organizing in the old sewing room!
Ok, so there you have it! That is what has been keeping me busy this week! I'll do better next week about posting...