Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And by the way - I like girls.

My GIRLFRIENDS that is! Sorry, I could not resist pulling that line from our very *adult* conversation from last night! Thank you ladies for a fun evening, too many raspberry margaritas, and for being a part of some very interesting Tuesday night nightlife in Birmingham!

Today I'm kind of watching the clock and the phone. I want to get into some crafting and sewing but can't get too busy doing much since I'm picking up Julie at the airport sometime around lunch.

Traci's Apron
Everyone will be proud to know I got all the things on my "to do" list finished and in time for our Tuesday night dinner! (And, girls you know I'll need to see pictures....thanks!) My shirt was a hit too!

Yesterday, I started some other fun little goodies for my $5 bin that will be featured at my first Trunk Show. Pot Holders, Card Wallets (for business cards or credit cards) and we'll see what else develops today and tomorrow. I'll have pictures of these things for you then little wallets are lacking a button right now and cannot be unveiled.

Ok, change in Julie, no lunch with the girls....heading to The Smocking Bird to begin some BOY Stuff!!!