Friday, August 24, 2007

Auburn Here I Come!

See? Two days in a row! Now all of you daily checkers can get back in the habit too! Lunch yesterday was delicious and in good company. Surin 280 is very cool for anyone who cares. I have a feeling there will be a GNO dinner there sometime since you can bring your own wine! How fun is that? Yesterday was a good day. Paris was an angel at the vet - only 118 lbs though. I really thought she'd weigh more, but she's only a year old. Lunch was great as I mentioned. Then I still got things done when I got home! OH, and most excitedly I got some new fabric shipped in yesterday that will allow me to finish three projects! Three Auburn projects actually - an orange a blue polka dot skirt, blue polka dot pants, and navy seersucker pants to go with a little boy's Auburn polo! Gotta love those Auburn fans.

I can't believe it is almost football season again. I am about to make a tablecloth for another fellow AU fan's tailgate and it gets me really pumped about tailgating. I wish J and I had a nice big tailgate with cute table cloths, nice Auburn platters and the works. That will probably never happen though and we will continue to join in on other people's tailgates - easier for us, but maybe not as much fun. We probably couldn't afford the expense of it every weekend anyway. Boo. I guess we will be heading down for the first game but unfortunately heading back home before the game starts since it is so late and we have the little ones to think about! Would love to take Miss Paris with us, but probably not to the first one. We will probably wait till it cools down some too.

Oh all this tailgate talk has got me spinning! Here is another blogger that I read pretty often - an AUburn grad and fantastic tailgater! Read here and you will agree with everything she says...remembering those sorority days and thanking the dear LORD that we don't wear heels to the games anymore! But don't even think I haven't been shopping FOUR times for outfits for the games! I do have an array of orange gear to wear to any game in any season...let's just hope we make it down there for a few!

(you should read her....good blogger - and young and an AU alum. Fun craft ideas too)

Ok, so that brings me to what's up today:

Finishing a precious gingham Auburn bubble suit (that I monogrammed last night in orange and attached rick rack - OMG can't wait to finish and post pics!)

Cleaning house. Geez, I'm so dreading this. My usual cleaning days fall on Mondays and Tuesdays, but since coming back from the beach I haven't touched a single cleaning product. J's Nana is coming on Sunday so I have to clean up good for her. She has never seen the house before. I have to clean today because Saturday is going to be very busy. Going to Auburn for cousin Krysta's wedding and delivering a few finished items that morning. I'm not going to say I'm looking forward to making that drive by myself.

All that being said and in total random fashion....I WILL have an AUBURN football party AT MY HOUSE THIS SEASON. has been written in the blog, therefore it is true.