Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Royal Family

I'm so proud of my little Niki! She's not so little anymore I guess - she's officially a QUEEN! Homecoming Queen of Clanton Middle School that is!

My little beauty

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Patterns!

Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I just got a bunch of new patterns that I can't wait to design for the site! Here is a sampling.....

I can't wait to get started adding these to the site! I will probably wait until November to get started because I plan on being VERY busy with my upcoming trunk shows! I have almost finished up everything from my last show, but I am still waiting on a few pieces of hardware to finish the baby slings. (Which were recently added to the site - I think they'll be a hit!)
Here's a link:

Ok, so this was my break from sewing - back to work!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A trip down memory lane

Today has been the most wonderful day! Besides Auburn losing - again - today has been so much fun for me! At first I was really excited about getting out my fall decorations, but I ran into something else fantastic in the process!

Jason's mom had asked me if we had any of Jason's baby clothes one day while we were sewing. I thought we did not, but I found them today! OMG, they are so precious and in perfect condition! Besides the very 70's era denim jacket, it is all very classic stuff that I can't wait to get my little one in. Some of it will even work for a boy or a girl. Ok, so after I found these little gems, I decided to find my box of baby clothes that I knew consisted mostly of smocked dresses that my mom had made. Way back in the back of the basement closet - JACKPOT! Luckily, they had been carefully wrapped and packed and only one of them has a few little spots on it. There is also one that is an heirloom style and the lace on it has turned but it is almost a tea stained color which makes it look intentional....will probably still let the little baby girl wear it (if there is one...) since there is such a precious little matching bonnet! Oh, I just cried and cried when I found these treasures. Happy cry I guess. Maybe a little sad cry, but what inspiration all of these outfits hold!

Anyway, I washed almost everything and hung it outside in the sun to dry. As soon as Jason gets home and we can take a little trip down memory lane, I am going to hang them in the baby's room closet! ha ha....yes, I did just refer to the "back guest bedroom" as the "baby's room" because I have only recently decided that is what it is going to be.....SOMEDAY! There are a few things left to wash that I am probably going to take to the dry cleaners because I am not sure if they can be washed or not. Better safe than sorry.

Oh, also....funny little thing about these dresses of mine. I'm not sure if my mom was afraid of losing me in a crowd or just wanted to make sure everyone knew who I was, but EVERYTHING has my name or initials either monogrammed, appliqued or smocked on it! Pretty hilarious. There is one though that has only an "L" on it which will be perfect for little Lindley....if she ever exists! Let's hope she does, because she is going to have a lot of beautiful clothes to wear! How proud would I be to see my own little one in the same clothes I wore as a child.

Ok, on a completely different note, I was reminded - yet again - of what wonderful friends I have! Don't worry girls, I never forgot, but it is so nice to be reminded every once in a while! Thank you all for coming to my big debut Thursday evening. You girls made it such a success and fun too! It is so great to have the support of my girls and to know that they are cheering for me in the background and wanting only the best for me and my endeavors. Thank you a million billion times!

The trunk show really was precious. We had a great time setting up and felt like it was the grand opening of a darling little boutique! How proud I was! Great practice too....a few lessons learned. Oh, one in particular - when people order outfits, remember to find out what SIZE they need! Only slightly important, right? Oh well, I was nervous! But hey, practice makes perfect! I have ordered the invitations for my last trunk show of the year and I am making the ones for my next one in October.

Lastly, I have included a link on this post to Bunnycup Embroidery. This is where I like to buy my embroider and applique designs from. I am working on my collection from here and off to a great start! Look through when you have some time (the catalog is almost 300 pages!) and find something you like!

Have a super duper weekend and somebody say a little prayer for Auburn. I'm not too proud to be an Auburn Tiger today. War Eagle anyway!