Monday, October 29, 2007

New things.....

Oh it's been so long! So many new things to talk about - so many new things in my life!

Cool Weather, Bicycles, Guitar Hero III, Smocking Classes, trunk shows and more smocking classes!

First things first, I never thought I'd be happy about the cool weather that is on its way. I hate the short days that winter brings and I really hate being cold in general! However, these nice fall days have been so fun lately. Hub and I bought bikes yesterday - only to follow the stationary excercise bike we bought for the workout room. But let me just start by saying the excercise bike is no comparison to the real thing combined with the hills in my neighborhood! Either that, or we are severely out of shape! We took them for a ride yesterday. I wanted to start on the road with no homes on it that leads to our neighborhood park so that no one would really see me when I fell off! Bad idea...I forget that we live on top of a mountain and in addition there was a soccer game yesterday afternoon so there was lots of traffic on that hilly road leading to the park! I was seriously about to die as I was walking my bike up that last hill on the way home - just in time to remember that I left my asthma inhaler in Atlanta! How embarrassing - still a young 27 years old wheezing and sweating up the hill just praying to make it home before my lungs collapsed or having my first "real" asthma attack! I had visions of passing out in front of a neighbors house....I was alone because hub took the long way home (also a bad idea)! Anyway, we rested on the cold concrete driveway for a while and went inside to try out the new Guitar Hero III on Xbox 360. Fun afternoon!

Since writing last I have had two trunk shows and another this week! Busy busy! As much as I love them (and enjoy bringing home some money) I am glad that this week's is my last of the season. It will be nice to take a break and start making some new things for Spring. Although it is a long shot, I would love to be able to offer some new smocked items for next year! I am taking my second round of classes starting next week. I think I am doing pretty well so far and even though each project takes a while, I enjoy doing it and would love to be able to offer them for sale. If nothing else, at least I'll be able to dress my own child in pretty little smocked things!

I had a slow week last week due to just normal errands and things that needed to get done - today is the day though...I have to get to work!