Sunday, November 25, 2007

Braggin' Rights & Christmas Trees

Well, I guess we did it - another year of bragging rights for the Auburn Tigers!

Even with all of the history and the years and years of rivalry, it still amazes me how crazy we all get over this game. I mean, don't get me wrong - I love it! But, I just know how defeated, and let down, embarrassed I would have been if we had lost.

We decided not to go down to Auburn for the game this year. I am a little glad we didn't go and kind of wish we had been there. I know it would have been pure debauchery if we had though, and I wasn't really up for all that! So, all that being said - War Eagle!

Oh - and if you watched the game at home, you probably heard the song "Saturday in Dixie" play several times and especially at the beginning. That song was written and sung by one of Jason's best friends from Selma, Lance Brown. You can hear a clip of the song at:

On a different note, we put up a bunch of our Christmas decorations yesterday. I think we are the first on the street to have lights up! (Tacky? No, just on the ball!) We went with an artificial tree this year. I still have mixed emotions about it. It was a donatation from Neil and Lisa, so with it's affordability we had to give it a shot! I put it together a few days before Thanksgiving and put the lights on it yesterday. After Christmas, we are probably going to leave it put together and leave the lights on it, put a trash bag around it and leave it in the garage till next year. I think real and artificial are ALMOST equal trouble - I mean at least this year they are. Artificial - you have to store all year, put it together, put lights on it if it is not prelit, then take it back apart. Real - you have to go out and get it, pay a fortune for it only to watch it die, water it, clean up needles a few times a week, then take it down and haul it away. Then there are the good things. Artificial - no watering, no cleaning up pine needles, one time payment - consider it an investment! Or with our situation it was much more affordable being free! Real - kicking off your Christmas Spirit by going to get the tree, the wonderful smell of pine, and of course they just look better. Last year I swore I would never have another real tree. After the watering and the mess and the fact that we bought one about twice the size that we should have. Then it falls over twice - once on top of me - and breaks several very special ornaments. Well, this year is just a test after all. Who knows - next year we may have two trees. One real, one artificial.