Sunday, November 18, 2007

She's my Cherry Pie

She's my Cherry Pie
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Well, here she is - the first of Spring Casual! Yes, the picture is horrible, but the outfit is cute! I cropped out the curtains in the background, but I probably shouldn't have - that way I could brag about finally being finished with them. Or, at least as finished as I plan on being for a while. I need one more panel on each side, but the season doesn't permit for spending on myself. (However, I do plan on trying to stop by Saks today and use a gift card that I have been holding onto forever. I have been feining for a new pair of jeans.) It's wierd - I always ask for gift cards for various gift giving occasions, and then I feel like I have to save them for whatever reason. A rainy day I suppose. Well, it is looking a little like rain today, so I guess that's as good an excuse as any!

I have a birthday party to go to today where I plan on being the best gift giver there. (ha ha? No, really I do) Jason always gives me a hard time for giving people handmade gifts. He says that everyone opens their gifts and thinks, "oh great, another outfit from Anna." (In a sad voice of course, not a happy one.) I kind of feel that way too sometimes, but not today. I know this one is going to be a hit!


Stephanie said...

Your gift was the best! I just LOVE the Christmas outfit and can't wait to put Savannah in it!!!