Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A new look...& Merry Christmas!

Like the new look of my blog?

It's official. I have officially gained 4 pounds this holiday season. Between the Thanksgiving, the cruise and now holiday parties and family gatherings, I have packed on 4 wonderful pounds. I'm miserable. And people keep offering me food! Jason says we are going to wait until January 2nd to start dieting, but I started on the excercise bike today. I biked 10 miles in 40 minutes earlier today and I'm about to go do it again when I get through writing this. We have to get through one more family Christmas gathering and then New Year's eve and then the fatty meals should stop. Ugh....I can't bear another casserole, ham or turkey. Don't get me wrong, the food has been delicious and I have enjoyed it way too much! I'm just so sick of eating I could scream!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas with their families! Thanks for reading and I look forward to everything that 2008 has to bring!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just a little something

The 31 website is up and running now....check it out if you get a chance!

I'm SOOOooo tired this morning! I use the term "morning" loosely as it is already almost 11am! Last night was our annual ZTA Christmas Party and I stayed too late as girls do when they haven't seen each other in a while! I had been looking forward to the get together for a while and it was so nice to see all of you last night! What a spread we had t00- I am still full from eating too much yummy food! (and a little drowsy from too much yummy wine....)

Also, I mentioned this last night, but I wanted to go ahead and prepare everyone for January 26th. You will be getting invitations either through the mail or email (or both) inviting you to my Spring Preview Party! You will be able to come and have first dibs on all of my Spring 08 line before it goes in the store and before it is available online. FUN! If you are interested in attending, let me know and I'll be sure an invite gets sent your way!

Another new thing I wanted to go ahead and mention is the Quarterly Photo Contest! Email photos of your child wearing a Sweet Dreams Designs item for my photo contest! Beginning in January, every three months one winner will receive a $20.00 gift certificate good towards any purchase from my online store! Winner will be chosen by a poll conducted on my blog and all photos will be published in the photo gallery. Winners will be chosen for the following months:
March, June, September, December
Winning photo will be featured on the homepage!

OK, as I wrap this up, I have to mention that there is a deafening siren going through my neighborhood right now. It has been running for almost half an hour now - it's SANTA on a firetruck! That's right - he's in MY neighborhood right now! Jealous?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

70% off!

Originally uploaded by lesteal624

Hi again everyone! This might seem a little strange to some of you since I already have my own mongoramming business, but I have become a part of Thirty-One Gifts as a rep. They are a new company (about 5 years old) and offer everything from well-designed monogrammed handbags and elegant scented candles to personalized stationery, kitchen accessories and more. My favorite thing so far is the thermal totes - for lunch, etc.

My website should be up and running by tomorrow evening, but I wanted to go ahead and tell you about their 70% off sale that lasts through Sunday. The sale items cannot be personalized, but they super inexpensive right now and you can always take them to a local shop if you'd like to have them done. Most of the items they offer are not items that my machine can handle or else I would offer to do it for you myself.

It is pretty cool because you can select the fabric you want, the font you want, and the thread color. So, it is similar to my site in that you can customize your bags the way you want them. Anyway, like I said my site should be up tomorrow night and you can get to it by going to:


The 70% off sale willl be under Inventory Sale. If you have any questions let me know and I will try my best to answer or find someone who can!

If you just want to check out the catalog for now, go to:


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Look!!! Monogrammed Koozies!

Monogrammed Koozie 2
Originally uploaded by lesteal624
So excited - just got these in and made a few Christmas gifts out of them today! I have the following colors and selling them for $6.00 each - if you want one before Christmas let me know ASAP!!!

Camo, Hot Pink, Brown, Black, Navy, Crimson

Any thread color for the monogram!

We're baaaaaaaaack!

Well, we have returned from our cruise where we got some much needed rest - about 12 hours a night! Two nights out of four we went to bed at 8pm and woke at 8am! The rest of the time we were busy falling all over the ship due to some storm somewhere. Some of you heard from me while I was gone and have already heard about the barf bags taped to walls and dishes crashing in the dining room. At times we felt like we were on the titanic! Cozumel was great. When we got there at around 8am, it was pretty overcast, but it warmed up and the sun came out as the day progressed. We went snorkeling - or at least Jason did. Once my feet couldn't touch the bottom anymore, I went to shore! The water was freezing and I was gasping for breath and got a little scared. Afterwards we went on a tour to the mayan ruins and saw crocodiles, dozens of iguanas just running around, beautiful turquoise water and wonderul views from the lighthouse. After the tour we went to a local restaurant and at some REAL Mexican food! Yummy. After lunch we walked through the ghetto to get downtown to the shopping district and bought a few fun little things. Mexican Vanilla, a magnet that I watched a man fingerpaint for me, a tshirt for Jason, some guava candy, and some TEQUILA of course!

The next day/night was a little slow on the boat. The waters were too rough for anyone to perform on stage so all of the shows were canceled. We had already lost too much money in the casino, so that was out. I'm not real sure what we did.....ate? Ummm....yeah - I consumed more calories before noon every day than I do in any given day at home! The food was delicious though. We ate in the dining room almost every night - yum!

Well, we are home now and it was back to work immediately! Yesterday I finished up some Christmas shopping and today I still have a little more to do.

Enjoy a few pics and in case I don't write again - Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Hello neglected little blog readers!

As some of you know I have been incredibly busy this past week or two! It has definitely paid off though. As of Thursday, my clothing and accessories are now being carried in a boutique in Clanton, Alabama! The boutique is fairly new and is called Southern Belles Boutique. I am SO excited about it and I really think it is going to work out great. The owner of the boutique has been very easy to work with and I sold three outfits in the first two days! On Friday and Saturday alone I was able to crank out 12 outfits for the boutique's open house that was held on Sunday. I haven't checked back in on the success of the open house, but I hope things went well.

Since getting home from Clanton Sunday evening I haven't even laid eyes on my sewing machine! Last night I got some much needed rest - went to bed at 9 and woke up at 8! Today was such a productive day, but still no sewing! Got my car detailed for the first time since I bought it last November. For some reason just doing that alone has made me feel so much better! I went to the vet to pick up Paris and Bella's Santa pictures - not great for the second year in a row. What can I expect from those two though? Last but not least, I got a pedicure to get ready for our cruise! I still have a lot to do before we leave Thursday morning but today I feel really good - like I actually got some things accomplished! I really thought that by this time I would be pretty insane with all the things I need to do before we leave. Ahhhhh....relief! What a feeling!

I have been making lots of candy for my "get to know the neighbors" project. Jason and I really don't know anybody in our neighborhood and it is really sad. I am sure there are lots of reasons why we don't, but it is sad nonetheless. When we lived in Cahaba Heights I knew the first and last names of almost all of my neighbors. We talked to each other, ate dinner together, and have remained friends with some of them since we moved. In Forest Parks, however, I know the first and last names of one of our neighbors. It took 6 months for the welcoming committee to "welcome" us. I know everyone is so busy and we don't have kids and we are younger than most of our neighbors. We haven't exactly made much of an effort either. That is all about to change though. I am making little goodie boxes for as many neighbors as I can - filling them with peanut butter balls, peppermint bark, morsel candy and maybe some cookies too if I can fit that in my schedule!

Now, as for the cruise it has been hard to get too terribly excited thus far, but I think the excitement is coming on now. I think I may have talked Jason into packing his suit and going to the "captain's dinner" on the dress up night. I mean, is it too much for a girl to ask to have a nice dressy dinner with her husband? I think not! I hope we will have lots of fun pictures to share when we get back. Maybe something cute to put on next year's Christmas cards. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be huge and pregnant and I can look back on this year's cruise pictures and remember what my waistline looked like!

Ok, well you should be pretty caught up by now. Maybe I'll get some computer time on the cruise! Until then - Bon Voyage!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Silent night

Well, it has been pretty quiet around here today. Jason has been out of town meeting some people about a job prospect....he should be here in about an hour so I thought I would take this time to write.

Today has been a mix of lounging and productivity. Clean some here....shower....email....work on the website....laundry...decorate the tree...write out Christmas cards. Ok, so more productivity than I thought! Not a bit of sewing though.

Argh...speaking of Christmas trees...when did they become such a hassle? I used to enjoy the tree. All of it. From picking it out to the lights and decorations, it was always pleasant and fun. Maybe it's just from getting older, but it has been like pulling teeth trying to get anything done "Christmas-wise" around this house. Pulling Jason's teeth that is! I really thought that having an artificial tree this year would really help matters, but I don't think it has. Here is the tree I really want:
Just can't quite swing $1000 for a pre-lit tree. They are usually half price after Christmas though. Still....won't happen. Nothing like traffic and decorating to get you out of the Christmas Spirit! No, not really....I'm still here....loving Christmas and all of it's magic - Oh! and looking forward to our cruise!

I can't believe it is two weeks away. I feel like there is so much that needs to be done between now and then! Let's see....

  • Get a tan

  • Tone up my abs, arms and ....ahem....bootie

  • Get a pedicure

  • Finish Shopping

  • Pictures with Santa

  • etc

  • etc

  • etc

Here are some fun things to look at since I have been so negative in this post!

OH!!!! And to get YOU in the Christmas spirit....If you didn't get to watch the lighting of the Rockafellar Center Christmas Tree, then you didn't get to hear Taylor Swift sing her version of Silent Night. It was so fantastic that I bought the CD. Here ya go!