Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We're baaaaaaaaack!

Well, we have returned from our cruise where we got some much needed rest - about 12 hours a night! Two nights out of four we went to bed at 8pm and woke at 8am! The rest of the time we were busy falling all over the ship due to some storm somewhere. Some of you heard from me while I was gone and have already heard about the barf bags taped to walls and dishes crashing in the dining room. At times we felt like we were on the titanic! Cozumel was great. When we got there at around 8am, it was pretty overcast, but it warmed up and the sun came out as the day progressed. We went snorkeling - or at least Jason did. Once my feet couldn't touch the bottom anymore, I went to shore! The water was freezing and I was gasping for breath and got a little scared. Afterwards we went on a tour to the mayan ruins and saw crocodiles, dozens of iguanas just running around, beautiful turquoise water and wonderul views from the lighthouse. After the tour we went to a local restaurant and at some REAL Mexican food! Yummy. After lunch we walked through the ghetto to get downtown to the shopping district and bought a few fun little things. Mexican Vanilla, a magnet that I watched a man fingerpaint for me, a tshirt for Jason, some guava candy, and some TEQUILA of course!

The next day/night was a little slow on the boat. The waters were too rough for anyone to perform on stage so all of the shows were canceled. We had already lost too much money in the casino, so that was out. I'm not real sure what we did.....ate? Ummm....yeah - I consumed more calories before noon every day than I do in any given day at home! The food was delicious though. We ate in the dining room almost every night - yum!

Well, we are home now and it was back to work immediately! Yesterday I finished up some Christmas shopping and today I still have a little more to do.

Enjoy a few pics and in case I don't write again - Happy Holidays!