Sunday, January 6, 2008

1 week down 51 to go!

I've been hard at work over the past few days on the new Spring line for 2008! I'm really trying to control the urge to post pictures because I have to keep everything a surprise for the big Spring Preview Party! I'm really proud of the cute things I've made and can't wait to put them out for all to see!

Since it is the first of the year, I have joined the masses in dieting....if you wanna call it that. Really, I am just counting calories and working out. I don't want to call it dieting because I am eating really good food but just controlling my portions, reducing my snacking and trying really hard to make sure our dinners are low in carbs and calories. It is funny, because I have looked forward to my meals more this week than usual and they have tasted better than usual! I guess because we are trying harder to actually COOK good food rather than throwing some hamburger helper in the pan and making Texas toast! J and I have really done well this week and I have rewarded myself tonight with an apple martini - my fave!

Speaking of Texas toast......Thursday evening I went to Clanton to see my cousin April and her family who were in town visiting from Texas. And....she spent the entire evening before I came catching up on what had been going on in my life by reading this blog! So, I guess it has been good for something! And, April - if you are reading this (I doubt you have the time with your busy boys....) I really enjoyed our visit and hate that we don't keep in touch any better than we do. Lives get busy and things get left undone, but I hope that we will be better at keeping in touch now that we have had a chance to catch up!

Also, during my trip to Clanton I visited Southern Belles Boutique to see how things were going. Guess what? I picked up my first paycheck too! I was so excited - it was a great check and my items are selling really well. I took home all of the leftover Christmas items and brought her some clearance things from last years spring collection. I decided that instead of putting the Christmas clothing on clearance at my trunk shows that I will hang onto them until next year. They are very classic items that will definitely not go out of style, so it will be nice to have a jumpstart on Christmas when the time comes.

I'm getting really excited about sending out invites to the Spring Preview Party. I have ordered 50 invitations, so I hope I can come up with close to that many to invite! I'd like to invite the neighbors, but seeing as how I dont really know any of them, I don't know if that is a great idea. The new line is going into the boutique on January 28th!

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