Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday's Project

I'm super proud of this Sunday's "day of relaxation" project! Yes, I did just write a blog about taking the day off - but this was just practice for an idea I have for the Fall Line. This is called Libby's Play Set! I think it turned out well, and I'm really excited because this is a pattern I have had for several months and wasn't sure if I could figure out how to make it! Look at me and my skills! This top is really cool because since the sash is fished through the "tunnel" on the front and back of the top, it is interchangeable. I think it would also look really cute with a 2" black grosgrain ribbon.....just an idea! However, this is the one and only of its kind since I am out of the large dot fabric. It's a size 4T - anyone interested? It can be yours for $48!