Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday On the Bluff

Wow, was the outcome of Saturdays trip to Bluff Park a surprise!? Not that I consider myself a negative thinker, but I always do find that if you don't expect much you'll always be pleased with the outcome.....or at least not let down!

I spent all day Saturday at Bluff Park United Methodist having my first booth at my first vendor fair! It was a GORgeous day, I lucked out with a fantastic booth location next to some very friendly people. To my left was Sherri Griffin of Sherri Griffin Photography. She does beautiful hand tinted portraits on real film "the old fashioned way." Then to my right was Sue Ellen Binkley and her family with Taste of Gourmet. They have yummy mixes for dips, dinners, pies, sauces, etc. that make cooking easier. Of course they would put me next to the food booth, right? I did well though and didn't snack on their yummy Mississippi Mud Pie, muffins, salsa and dips all day! Fortunately, I stayed pretty busy and didn't have much time to shop or eat. I brought plenty to keep me busy though....buttons to sew on, a book to read....but never needed it and that's a good thing!

I had several visitors come to see me - Elizabeth, (mom of Caroline, last quarter's contest winner!), my grandmother, Aunt Sherry and Lisa, Niki and Linda surprised me with a visit too. Thankfully, Aunt Sherry stayed with me after lunch until close and helped me break down the booth and load my car. It would have taken forever by myself.

To sum it all up, I had very positive feedback from the line. Had lots of interested people take brochures, etc. AND, I guess the most interesting thing is, almost everyone that stopped by said I just HAD to do Cottontails Village next year in March. Of course, I had thought about this in the past but figured there was really no way I would have enough inventory to make it work. I really think I'm going to try though. It would be great for business I think. I have already started picking out Spring fabrics!

That about wraps it up for me today. I have several new orders that I need to catch up on and lots more sewing to do before the photo shoots on Friday and Saturday!


Elizabeth said...

It was so great to meet you on Saturday!! I hope you sold a TON and got lots of new customers!! I can't wait to decided on my fall order!!!