Monday, July 21, 2008

Goody's Goody's Gumdrops!

I'm SOOOOOo excited today! As you may know, the Goody's locations around Birmingham are closing. Jason and I went a while back when we first found out a bought a few things. But, yesterday we were having a fun Sunday out - trips to Lowe's and Walmart - and saw a lady (it was so hot bless her heart) holding one of those huge signs. "Goody's going out of business sale. Up to 80% off - all store fixtures on sale!" SO, today I thought I would take my chances and run in to see what store fixtures they had on sale. I need some display racks for my booth at the Cottontails Village Show in March. I had already priced my entire booth set up and it was going to be around $500. That included a cash register. Well, I look around and there are plenty of the standard 4-way and 2-way chrome racks. Then, I came across a GEM! A beautiful 4-way rack in off white with the neatest wooden base in this really cool design. They were the Ashley Judd Collection racks. The price tag said $65 (a good deal) but then I saw a sign stating that all store fixtures were an additional 50% off. So, I had to ask of course to make sure and the store manager said "Well, they are actually only $20". BINGO! Sold - I'll take three!

Well, they are big and heavy but luckily on casters. I called Jason and he stopped by and loaded all of them up in his truck (two in his, one in mine). Then he says - "$20? Are you sure you don't need any more?" Well, if he thinks I do then, SURE! I'll take one more.

SO, I got 4 4-way racks today for $80! My display for Cottontails is DONE! What a glorious feeling. I wish I had pictures to show you, but I will definitely do a before and after post when I paint them. I am planning on painting them the appley/sage green from my logo and having my sweet mother in law paint lavendar crowns on each side. Then, maybe the Sweet Dreams Designs monogram in the center SDD. It will be so cute! I know my booth will be a hit. These racks will allow me to showcase 16 designs! And honestly, that should be plenty.

I confirmed my samples/prototypes today with the manuf. and it will take a while, but at least I've gotten it underway! She says that I need to have everything approved by October to insure that everything is ready by Feb. 1. The show is in March so I figure Feb 1 is the safest deadline. I have two samples coming. If they look good I may moved forward with more. But I figured to start with two is good.

It is so blazing hot in my mini sweat shop. I have got to go to bed for no other reason than to cool off. Night!