Sunday, July 20, 2008

No time like the present

It's been a busy week! I can tell that show season has finally started and is off to a great start! In the past week and a half I have had three shows and I have another one coming up this Saturday, as well as two the following week. It has been busy since Judy has been off for the entire month of July but she'll be back in business soon and I'll be happy to have her back!

There have been so many things that I have wanted to stop and write about in the past several days and just haven't been able to take the time to write them. One, being a major project that I have been working on in order to get ready for Spring and Cottontails Village (which I still haven't registered for - another thing on the to do list!) I believe I have finally found a manufacturer that will produce my items on a small scale! There are a few unfortunate things that the budget just won't allow for - example: It's entirely too expensive to have my fabrics shipped to the manufacturer so I am using one of their sources for fabrics. While still nice, they are not the funky designer prints I am so crazy about! But, I have decided maybe it would be best to use their sources for solids, ginghams, chambrays, cords etc. Meanwhile, Judy and I can be here in Alabama cranking out the outfits with the funky designer prints!

It has been really cool starting to work with this company and figure out what all goes into clothing manufacturing. One, I have been able to come up with my own designs. Things I don't have patterns for. It's so neat to sketch something out in the hopes of it coming to life! I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch though - I have not even gotten close to seeing a prototype yet and don't know how soon that will be arriving.

Second, I have found a fantastic new source for embroidery blanks. Not the run of the mill kind that you see at every shop in town, but very trendy cotton blanks that I know will be a hit this spring. One cool thing - everything they sell is white and dyable! SOOOooo - if I get really brave I'll be dying to match my funky designer prints that I keep raving about!

That brings me to exciting item #3....I have picked out several awesome fabrics for the Spring 2009 line! Yes, I know - it is unreal to think about designing a spring line when it is not even fall yet. BUT, truth be told, I'm actually behind on that! I should have been designing it this time last year so that I could have a photoshoot this summer and that way all the invitations, catalogs, mailers, etc would be ready in plenty of time.....unlike this fall when everything was up-to-the-minute. However.....

......item invitations using the new fall pictures turned out AMAZING! Unfortunately, I'm not really sure how to upload a PDF file to this blog to show you how great they looked. But you'll have to trust me - they are awesome!

On a personal note, Jason and I have booked a trip to New Orleans for our anniversary this year! I wasn't really sure about the destination of choice at first, but I'm really excited about it now. One of my sis-in-laws and her husband are going with us. We have made plans for all kinds of fun things to I just need to sell some clothes to be able to afford the trip! (Thank GOD for Southwest's $29 fares!)

OH - and on a completely RANDOM note - I have a new tv show that I LOVE! Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust ! Comes on TLC. I was introduced to it by my sister in law a few weeks ago and I'm so glad I watched it! I never watch TLC so I would have missed it if it weren't for her! Anyway, it's a little cheesy but fun to watch considering we are in the same line of work. She designs bikinis and I find myself running into some of the same issues that she does. Minus the $4000 rent bill and having my designs at L.A. Fashion Week! Anyway, give it a chance - even Jason enjoyed watching it with me!

That's it for this minute - I could babble on for a while longer considering I have so much going on right now....but it's working on bedtime.

OMG - another thing on my list of excitement - I have just spent a fortune in the past month on the MOST awesome patterns for Spring! YEA! My weaknesses are clear: Fabric & Clothing Patterns