Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something for Mom!

Introducing the Emily Top from Sweet Dreams Designs!
I have made several of these for myself and one for my BFF and each time I wear mine I get so many compliments! I even had a stranger stop me at Do Dah Day and ask, "Where did you get your shirt?" Now, THAT is a compliment! Of course I'm full of pride when I say....."Oh, I made it!" Too bad I didn't have them listed on the site then.......but they are available now!

I named this top after Emily, the mom of Truitt and Mary Sanford, who was kind enough to model with her daughter for me at the photoshoot. She loved the top claiming it was very comfortable and I agree! How cute would this top be when worn with your daughter in a matching dress and your son in a matching tie! Well, some may consider it a little "much", but I think it would be precious! Now, let's just see if we can get Dad in one of those matching ties too!