Thursday, August 28, 2008

Roll Tide or War Eagle Infant's Tailgating Outfit

I told you I was working on them, and here they are!

rolle tide bloomer
August 08 - 010

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tired? Who's tired?

A little sleep deprivation never killed anyone, right? I haven't had much sleep in the past three nights due to different circumstances. The first night, Paris was sick. The second night, I was sick. Last night, due to the storms, Bella kept me up all night whining and scratching on the door so I went to go sleep with her in the guest bedroom where she dreamed and kicked all night. For a 150lb dog, that is no minor statement. Her dreams shake the entire bed.

Anyway, that being said I think the little sleep is catching up with me. I woke up this morning and realized it was Daddy's birthday. Usually their birthday's don't get me all that down, but like I said, I think the sleep deprivation has made me a little more emotional over it than usual. He would be 56 today.....probably bald, but handsome! Here is a picture of him on his 35th birthday in 1987.....I had just turned 7.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Early Fall Decorating

Yesterday, the power was out almost all morning and it was pouring rain as a result of Hurricane Fay. So, I decided it was a perfect time to get busy! I almost always wait until Halloween to start decorating for fall but I decided to start early yesterday. This way we can enjoy it longer!

In order to not go too over the top, I only decorated our mantle and arranged the centerpiece for the dining room table. I took a picture this year because when I was getting ready to do it, I forgot what I had done the year before! Here's a peek:

Now, when October rolls around I'll be ready to get out my pumpkins and spiders! I do realize it's a bit early, but I keep hearing the threat of the end of summer and Lord knows I wanna be prepared this year!

Watch out Lowe's - I'm on my way to pick up some mums!

Sweet Baby Bubbles

Bailey Bubble
Originally uploaded by lesteal624
The Bailey Bubble was part of the original Fall 2008 line from Sweet Dreams Designs, but it never made it to the photo shoot. Therefore it never made it to the website! It has been very popular at the trunk shows though!

I just wanted to be sure and showcase this bubble that is now going to be available year round and comes in sizes 6 months - 6 Years. Looks adorable with a shirt under it as well as alone! How cute would this one be as a Christmas outfit?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

25% off Everything at Thirtyone Gifts!

This week only (Aug.21 - 28) I'm offering everyone my consultant discount for any item from Thirty-one Gifts! That means you can save 25% on your total order! However, you must EMAIL me your order because the website will not give you the discount and this discount is only available through me!

See the entire catalog HERE or you can visit my website but remember you can't order online and get your 25% discount! Feel free to pass along this information to anyone you think may be interested in ordering from the catalog!

I can accept credit cards or paypal for these orders.

Email orders to

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alabama Tailgating Dress

I didn't forget about you Alabama Football Fans! I am now carrying the Alabama Red and Grey Gingham as well as the Auburn! It's hard not to play favorites, but I have to be fair to my customers!

This was a special request from a frequent customer and I think it turned out so cute! I am also working on a Bo's Bloomer Set with Alabama Plaid bloomers and the Roll Tide Elephant applique. So cute! I'll post pictures soon!



Sizes NB - 6Y

$35 - $45

Looking for Auburn Jon Jons or Dresses?

Here's a cute little jon jon I made for a friend from the Auburn Orange and Blue Gingham. It was supposed to have only one Tiger Paw Applique, but I thought the "Paw Prints" looked cute!

It can, of course be made as an A-line Dress too.

I also have this awesome GO TIGERS Applique that would be cute on either the Tiger Heads fabric or the Auburn Gingham!

Friday, August 22, 2008

God is Great

I think He must have heard me whining a couple of days ago about only having three shows in September (one of them being my own!) Yesterday I had a lady contact me about having a show immediately! We are already booked for September 7th so now I have three shows back to back right before my end of season SAMPLE SALE!!! That being said, I am hoping that September will make up for August.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Playing catch up - AGAIN - & some talk of Spring

Been gone for a while and I am spinning in circles trying to catch up! Even though we were only gone for 4 days, when I think about what I usually accomplish in 4 days it makes me feel really behind!

Jason and I just got back from New Orleans, a trip that we thought would be a "cheap" alternative to our yearly beach trip. We got some great $29 airline tickets, but that was where the money saving ended! Without too much griping about the amount of money we spent on the trip, we had a great time and enjoyed the time with his sister and brother in law a lot!

At the Saints Game

Today has been kind of wierd....I have been really dizzy, which brought on a headache and nausea. Of course I had to take a pregnancy test just to cure my curiosity, but it is a little early to tell. I realize this is the first mention of this on the blog - I felt a little strange revealing something that still seems a little personal. But, after the past couple of weeks, I think everyone and their brother knows that we are trying to get pregnant! We are not to the point of discouraged yet - it has only been three months - but any day now would be good!

My poor embroidery machine has been running for several days solid. I am still working on orders from my first show back on July 10th. I feel awful about that - but it was a HUGE show. However, getting behind on one gets me behind on the next and the next and I hate that! I'm feeling the pinch of only having two August shows and that won't change much in September either since I only have two scheduled for that too. However, I'm planning a SAMPLE SALE on or around September 14th. I'll be selling off all of my samples at discounted prices(except for the few I want for my yet to be conceived baby! ha.) This is the first show of this kind I have done and I plan to invite the whole neighborhood and everyone I know. (probably 100-200 people)I'm having it here at my house, yet outside in the driveway. I can't pile getting the house ready for strangers on top of the other millions of things that need to be done before a sale.

Don't even get me started on the current status of my house. Sometimes I feel like it is literally falling apart! Jason is so tired when he gets home from work that he just doesn't feel like doing anything productive. I can't blame him....I work here all day and as I've mentioned before, when there IS ANY spare time (yeah right) cleaning house is not what I want to be doing. Sometimes I'll get on a kick and this place will be spotless and cleaned in every nook and cranney.....I think all wives/mothers know how long that lasts! I made a list of 28 things that need to be done around here to get things back in shape....and it doesn't even include things like dusting and vacuuming. We have half a dozen light bulbs out, plants that need to be transplanted, etc. But enough of my ranting - we have a lovely home and we are happy to have it. Just wish I could afford a maid - any volunteers!? ha.

On top of the things at home, I have been trying really hard to push some new growth into the company. I have begun advertising on a very small scale on Facebook. It is paid advertising where you set your own budget - for example: My VERY small budget can only afford one cent per click and only $5 a day max. At one cent per click - it ain't gonna happen! ha. Anyway, it's pretty interesting the way it works. I am also on a couple of Top 100 lists. Feel free to visit them to raise my ranking! You can see the list here!

Here are just a few:

I have a top paid spot here:

Anyway, I have also joined Twitter another networking site. It has been pretty cool so far but I'm not very active with it yet. I'd love to get some print ads, but I know I can't afford that right now! Soon though - very soon!

As I have mentioned before, I have started working with a manufacturer on a very small basis (50 pcs. max). So far it has been an amazing experience and I think I am really one of the few that can say that. All I have heard from other companies is horror stories. It has been way too easy so far. However, I am only mass producing one piece of clothing right now - an adorable flutter sleeve top. Bad part - it only comes in one color! I think it is going to be really cute and will carry into fall with a sleeve underneath. ( post pictures, or not post pictures......that is the question!)

I think I'll hold off a little while longer.....but I'll give you a hint - it is HOT pink and VERY feminine and available in sizes 12 months - girls 10! That's all ya get!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beautiful Little Lady

Halter Dress
Originally uploaded by lesteal624
Just had to share this gorgeous photo that one of my customers recently sent in....

What a beautiful child and she makes the dress I made look even better! Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

Speaking of....get ready for the upcoming 3rd Quarter Photo Contest! Start sending in your photos now. The contest will start the last week of August!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playing catch up

After a week of Jason's getting up early and working late, I'm the one that is exhausted! Another busy week ahead, though!

I'm happy to say -

  • Tomorrow I pick up my first load of completed garments from Judy to deliver to trunk show guests.
  • I have already picked out several fabrics for the Spring 2009 collection!
  • I booked another September show
  • I picked a date for the Fall Sample Sale (more info to come!)
  • My first design samples from the manufacturer came in last week....a cute little top for the Spring 09 line....very pleased! Production will be under way in the next two weeks!
  • I have designed several new pieces for Spring 09 already
  • I finally applied to be in Cottontails Village a couple of weeks ago.
  • I was asked to participate in a Christmas version of Mountain Marketplace in November - Holidaze. Also was informed of their Spring marketplace in May!
  • Started in helping plan our 10 year Class Reunion - CCHS Class of 98! Only 13 weeks to plan this sucker.
  • I made myself a cute pair of kimono style pajama pants.
  • I had my last August show on Thursday.
  • I'm on my way to New Orleans on Thursday!

Now, you are officially caught up!

The weather the past two days has ben FABulous with a high of only 90 read right - we had a COLD front come through! However, the heat index has been 100+. Yikes. It has been so nice the past two days enjoying this break from the sweltering heat. Makes me ready for football season! OH - that reminds me:

AUBURN AND ALABAMA FANS: Need a cute outfit for your tailgating this season? Contact me asap so I can try to have it ready for you before football season kicks off!

Well, it's 10:30 - I have been up for about 5 and a half hours so I would say it's time to get to work!

P.S. What do you think about the new blog re-do? Pretty cute huh?