Thursday, August 21, 2008

Playing catch up - AGAIN - & some talk of Spring

Been gone for a while and I am spinning in circles trying to catch up! Even though we were only gone for 4 days, when I think about what I usually accomplish in 4 days it makes me feel really behind!

Jason and I just got back from New Orleans, a trip that we thought would be a "cheap" alternative to our yearly beach trip. We got some great $29 airline tickets, but that was where the money saving ended! Without too much griping about the amount of money we spent on the trip, we had a great time and enjoyed the time with his sister and brother in law a lot!

At the Saints Game

Today has been kind of wierd....I have been really dizzy, which brought on a headache and nausea. Of course I had to take a pregnancy test just to cure my curiosity, but it is a little early to tell. I realize this is the first mention of this on the blog - I felt a little strange revealing something that still seems a little personal. But, after the past couple of weeks, I think everyone and their brother knows that we are trying to get pregnant! We are not to the point of discouraged yet - it has only been three months - but any day now would be good!

My poor embroidery machine has been running for several days solid. I am still working on orders from my first show back on July 10th. I feel awful about that - but it was a HUGE show. However, getting behind on one gets me behind on the next and the next and I hate that! I'm feeling the pinch of only having two August shows and that won't change much in September either since I only have two scheduled for that too. However, I'm planning a SAMPLE SALE on or around September 14th. I'll be selling off all of my samples at discounted prices(except for the few I want for my yet to be conceived baby! ha.) This is the first show of this kind I have done and I plan to invite the whole neighborhood and everyone I know. (probably 100-200 people)I'm having it here at my house, yet outside in the driveway. I can't pile getting the house ready for strangers on top of the other millions of things that need to be done before a sale.

Don't even get me started on the current status of my house. Sometimes I feel like it is literally falling apart! Jason is so tired when he gets home from work that he just doesn't feel like doing anything productive. I can't blame him....I work here all day and as I've mentioned before, when there IS ANY spare time (yeah right) cleaning house is not what I want to be doing. Sometimes I'll get on a kick and this place will be spotless and cleaned in every nook and cranney.....I think all wives/mothers know how long that lasts! I made a list of 28 things that need to be done around here to get things back in shape....and it doesn't even include things like dusting and vacuuming. We have half a dozen light bulbs out, plants that need to be transplanted, etc. But enough of my ranting - we have a lovely home and we are happy to have it. Just wish I could afford a maid - any volunteers!? ha.

On top of the things at home, I have been trying really hard to push some new growth into the company. I have begun advertising on a very small scale on Facebook. It is paid advertising where you set your own budget - for example: My VERY small budget can only afford one cent per click and only $5 a day max. At one cent per click - it ain't gonna happen! ha. Anyway, it's pretty interesting the way it works. I am also on a couple of Top 100 lists. Feel free to visit them to raise my ranking! You can see the list here!

Here are just a few:

I have a top paid spot here:

Anyway, I have also joined Twitter another networking site. It has been pretty cool so far but I'm not very active with it yet. I'd love to get some print ads, but I know I can't afford that right now! Soon though - very soon!

As I have mentioned before, I have started working with a manufacturer on a very small basis (50 pcs. max). So far it has been an amazing experience and I think I am really one of the few that can say that. All I have heard from other companies is horror stories. It has been way too easy so far. However, I am only mass producing one piece of clothing right now - an adorable flutter sleeve top. Bad part - it only comes in one color! I think it is going to be really cute and will carry into fall with a sleeve underneath. ( post pictures, or not post pictures......that is the question!)

I think I'll hold off a little while longer.....but I'll give you a hint - it is HOT pink and VERY feminine and available in sizes 12 months - girls 10! That's all ya get!