Thursday, September 4, 2008

Handpainted Children's Clothing - Dresses & Jon Jons!

I've written about my mother in law before, and if you read it you know how talented she is! She came in town again this week to help and visit and while she was here we finally got around to doing something we have talked about forever! I had bought several knit cotton dresses and jon jons (in the hopes to monogram and applique them for Cottontails Village - more about that later). Anyway, we have been talking about doing some hand painting on them and decided to experiment this week. When I saw WE I mean SHE - I am NOT a painter!

Anyway, she did one jon jon and one dress and they are so pretty I am going to have a hard time parting with them IF I decide to! It took about an hour to do each one and they look just like something out of a children's book. They are better than any I have ever seen at craft fairs or online too. I was checking out a seller on ebay who sells the exact dresses with little Auburn or Alabama cheerleaders on them for about $50 each - her painting doesn't even hold a candle to that of my mother in law! (That sounded ugly, didn't it - I didn't mean it that way, but when you're good, you're GOOD!) See for yourself:
Though I say I may have a hard time parting with these, if there is anything you would like painted on a dress or jon jon she WILL take requests! I have jon jons in sizes 3 months - 24 months and dresses in sizes 3 months - 10Y.


Twice as Nice said...

She should really go into business they are darling. She is really talented. Mine is almost 13 so I don't think he would appreciate one lol. You should try ebay and see what happens. A lot of people like a one of a kind.

Elizabeth said...

WOW!! That is truly amazing!