Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hang 'em high! Another Room Revamp

I got new drapes back in July after visiting a friend's house which had been completely redecorated sparing no cost! We finally got them hung this weekend! I, on the other hand, must "spare cost", so though these curtains were not custom made and are not made of dupioni silk like I wish they were, I think they turned out nicely and really did wonders for the room.

I had to get out an issue of Traditional Home magazine to prove to my husband that you are supposed to hang your curtains this high these days! I have watched enough HGTV to know that! It really does make the room look bigger and taller and "grander".

This room was supposed to be our dining room, but we switched the dining room and the formal living. I guess you would say this is our formal living room, but it really serves absolutely no purpose. At least it has pretty curtains now! They actually came from and the rods and clips come from Lowes.

Next step is to re-cover the chairs in the fabric pictured below. It is from the Amy Butler Nigella collection which is a home decor sateen.


misspriss said...

Don't you hate when husbands THINK they know about fashion and decorating? Ugh! Cute products!