Friday, September 12, 2008

If you're scared, say you're scared!

Ok, I'm scared! Take a look at this monster of a machine that I got today! Wow - if I wasn't "for real" before, I am now. This 10 year old Yamata Serger came from a factory that closed down a while back. It is up and running like a charm and makes a BEAUtiful stitch! This baby's gonna cut my time in half for sure. No more stitching, then trimming, then coverstitching. This does it all in one step and at about a million stitches a minute! no......Not really, but it is super fast. In order to make room for it, please check out my pitiful computer work station:

Yes, that is a TV tray....seriously.

Right now, this is set up in our basement. Jason is going to love coming home and finding that his playroom has turned into a sweat shop! I have made room for it in the sewing room, but we were unable to get it up the two flights of stairs. Jason will love that as well! Now, I just need a for real computer desk.....I'd like to find an antique table that needs a paint job for about $25. Until then, I'm here hunched over this lovely TV tray in a chair that makes my buns ache.