Monday, October 27, 2008

My fancy new T-Mobile G1 phone

Looky what I got! Introducing the T-Mobile G1 I got this last week on the 20th after using an old school cell phone and feeling pretty nerdy for a while. This thing is so awesome - I haven't used all the bells and whistles yet because time has not allowed me to read the manual yet. It is powered by google and connected to my google account - so all emails, calendar entries, contacts, etc. are all sent to my phone straight from Google! Way cool, huh? I also made myself a cute little case for it out of one of my new spring fabrics - a pretty pink and brown damask. Didn't even use a pattern and it turned out perfectly! I may put a tutorial on here for how to make one if I ever find the time to make another one for demo purposes!

OK, three blogs in 24 hours - that's enough for me today! Enjoy the pics!