Monday, October 27, 2008

Valentine's Day Preview

Recently on Twitter, I have begun following Lisa at Creative Writing Studios. She has an awesome business connecting retail buyers (boutiques, etc) and sellers (design entrepeneurs like me). Anyway, it is a really cool idea and I decided to take part in a Valentine's Day themed catalog that she is putting together to distribute to over 800 retailers! To buy a spot for this catalog, you must pay an entry fee, which I did. However, I purchased my spot on a weekend when she was doing a drawing for a free entry and I won! I am so excited because I have never won anything so this is pretty cool for me. The deadline for entry is Nov. 3. Luckily, with the photoshoot being yesterday, I was able to get a great picture of my product for submission.

Pictured below is Katie, which is Judy's granddaugther. She is wearing a pink and brown damask twirl skort and puffed sleeve appliqued top. These twirl skorts are going to be insanely popular for spring - at least that is the feeling I get so far! They are so neat because they have full ruffled shorts underneath the ruffled skirt. Your active little girl doesn't have to be quite so prim and proper in this outfit! She can twirl and twirl and no undies will show! Now, any mom would be happy about that!