Monday, October 27, 2008

Work reaps reward

There have been so many things going on the past several weeks that I have wanted to write about but haven't had time due to the 6 trillion outfits that needed to be sewn before today. I wanted to tell all about my first trip to the Atlanta Apparel Mart, getting ready for the photo shoot, etc. etc. Well, the day finally came today and ready or not, it was photo time!

We started the day at 11am with Taylor K. - a 3 year old little cutie! She was easy as pie to work with and was a good sign of what was to come the rest of the day. We had 13 kiddos today and it was a breeze! Needless to say I am exhausted though. I know April of Once in Every Life Photography is too - she had a shoot before us at 8:30 and after us at 4pm!

Jason and I watched a movie tonight so we could finally spend some time together. I've been so busy lately and he has been hunting every weekend so we haven't seen each other much. However, I fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie and here I sit - wide awake at 12:30 am. Apparently April was up too because she sent me a few sneak peek photos from today's shoot!

There will be more to come of course, but I couldn't resist sharing a few. I had a great response today from the line and the very colorful fabrics I've chosen for spring! The precious models certainly don't hurt!