Thursday, November 27, 2008

So much to be THANKful for...

Wow, have I been blessed this year! My whole life I have had many things to be thankful for, but now as an adult, with a blossoming career, wonderful husband and supportive family I feel more blessed than ever. I, of course, cannot leave out my fantastic customers - I am especially thankful for you, who over the past 2+ years have turned this from a hobby into a career. I'm so lucky to be doing something that I love for you guys.

I hope all of you have a very happy Thanksgiving and be sure to take a moment to realize that you too, are blessed in many ways.

****Don't forget to read Tuesdays post about our Thanksgiving and Black
Friday sales! All items pictured are available for only $35 plus shipping
today and tomorrow!****

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday Specials!

If you have been hoping to preorder your favorite Spring 2009 outfit, now is your last chance!

This Friday, November 28 is BLACK FRIDAY and Sweet Dreams Designs is offering a sale to go along with all of the other day after Thanksgiving Sales! For two days only, you can purchase any of the Spring 2009 designs pictured below for $35! This discount will not be offered again, so please act fast.

You will still have until Dec. 1 to order the items at a 20% dicount, but for Thursday & Friday only, you can order these items at a huge discount! Please view the photos below and then click the "buy now" button to purchase. Please enter the size and description in the text box. (if you are unsure of the description, just put the row#, column # etc, or email for an accurate description.) You will be charge only $5 for shipping. Act fast!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Show Schedule - Spring 09 - Get on the list!

Get on the list! Better book your show soon! See one in your area? Ask about attending! Don't see one in your area? Host one of your own!

1/24 - Spring Preview Party - Chelsea, AL - *if you want this date let me know! 1st show of the season!

1/25 – Tiffany Sanders – Harpersville/Vincent, AL
1/31 – Rhonda Williams – Mobile, AL
2/5 – Alex Hare – Hoover, AL
2/7 – Mericia Cruz – Thorsby, AL
2/8 – Stephanie McCloud – Harpersville/Vincent, AL
2/9 – 2/14 – Leanne Calhoun – Alexander City, AL
2/21 – Erica Hurly – Atlanta, GA
2/28 – Donna Welling – Hoover, AL
3/21 – Emily Locklear – Trussville, AL
3/27 – Brandy Wallis – Harpersville/Vincent, AL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

VOTE! I need your help immediately!

Hi Guys!
I am inlisting your help for a little advice. I have an appointment with an awesome boutique tomorrow and need to bring in some samples from the Spring 09 line. What are your favorites that you have seen so far? I do realize I have not posted the entire line yet, but if you have seen something that really blew you away, please leave a comment and let me know and I'll be sure and bring that outfit with me tomorrow! Please leave your comments asap!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Limited Edition - PreOrder them while they're hot!

There are only a few of these available in each size - they are also premade and ready to ship, so the lucky girls who preorder this LIMITED EDITION outfit will receive theirs immediately!

A little peek at the back!

Type Size Here

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gone Golfing Jon Jon - Spring Pre Order!

This is one of my favorites for boys this season! I made an entire matching set for matching brothers - Jon Jons for little ones, Appliqued Shirt & Elastic Waist Shorts for any age, and monogrammed polos and board shorts for older guys!

Type Size Here

Coming tomorrow, a special request from one of my model mommies!

Handpainted Christmas Dresses by Jeanette

6 Years - $29.99

Sizes 6months & 4T ($29.99 each)

Size 2T ($29.99)

Size 2T ($29.99)

12 months ($29.99)

18 Months $29.99

EMAIL me if interested in purchasing any of these one of a kind dresses! Shipping is free!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More from Mtn. Marketplace

Well, I wasn't quite finished when I posted that last post. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of my Christmas themed booth, but it turned out pretty cute, I thought! I sold a bunch of my clearance items as well as a few Christmas outfits. HOWEVER, I still have more Christmas left that I am going to list on Etsy and/or Ebay. I will post the links here once they are up so you will have the opportunity to check them out. Several of them are beautiful handpainted dresses by my mother in law. They were a hit at the show, but the sizes needed weren't there so we took orders. That still leaves me with inventory that needs to be sold off!

Also, I booked two - almost three - Spring 09 Shows! That was worth the trip for sure! So, that being said, available dates for shows are slimming down! If you are even a little bit interested in hosting a show, I really do suggest contacting me asap to secure your date.

Tomorrow, I will begin again posting Spring pre orders to the blog. I do apologize for not sticking to my one a day promise, but it is harder than you think to remember to do that on top of the list of "to do's" that I already have going! I'm thinking it is time for some more boy stuff. But, I have already had a few requests for one particular outfit so it will be posted first.

Ok, off to spend some time with my hubby who is NOT HUNTING this weekend! I know....I can't believe it either!

Holidaze has come & gone - now for the Holidays!

Mountain Marketplace Holidaze was today and it was just awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to go around and check out all of the awesome booths that were there this season, but there were LOTS of cool vendors. One, that I just loved was The Pretty Shirt. Please check out Kristin's site and the message that she is sending women with these uplifting shirts that she makes and sells. I have to admit, the website is precious, but doesn't do her products justice. They are so cute in person and there are even more designs than are on the site. The shirt I got said "TIGERpretty" of course for my Auburn Tigers!

A little more about The Pretty Shirt from Kristin's site:

About…..The Pretty Shirt…..the message of these very cool shirts is one of
empowerment….a celebration of all women—of all ages—and all the
different ways we are pretty…..I have 3 daughters and my hope for them is that
they don’t waste their time trying to be someone they’re not…that they embrace
the way God made them and go girl go….
I hope you enjoy these shirts and
their message….I hope you are pleasantly surprised by the uplifting message of
the packaging and most of all I hope YOU feel celebrated when you wear your
pretty shirt….and lastly I hope you enjoy giving The Pretty Shirt to all the
women in your life. I still can’t decide whether is more fun to wear The Pretty
Shirt or to give The Pretty Shirt….

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mountain Marketplace Holidaze this weekend!

Join Sweet Dreams Designs @ Mountain Marketplace Holidaze!
Lots of Christmas outfits as well as clearance from seasons past!

The Madison requested! Get your orders in now!

Now, the requests are rolling in! If you have seen something posted previously that you are hoping to pre-order, please email me and let me know or post a comment here. I'll be happy to post it for you on the next round!

Don't forget, you only have until DECEMBER 1ST to get in your preorders and receive and 20% discount! This discount will not be offered after that date and the spring line will not be available on the website until January!


From Spring 2009


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm so sad! I am new to the whole Picasa Web Photos service - I usually use Flickr or Photobucket. However, I love a lot of the features of Picasa and it makes it really easy to share and edit photos, etc. Well, I was going through my old albums online, and deleting some super old ones. Little did I know, that I was deleting photos from my blog! AWWWW.....sad! No way to undo this little mistake either. Kind of makes me sad since this blog has been a good tracker of my progress - it is nice to look back and see what kind of things I did in the beginning as compared to now. There are still a few pics left up, but some good ones are gone gone. Boohoo.....

On a happier note, I have uploaded the Buy Now button for the much requested Heather Tunic & Jumbo Ruffle capri set in the Bell Bottoms print. I have had lots of comments on it and a request for it to be listed specifically - so here ya go! (see blog below)

Since I have been running behind, I am going to load one more for tonight. This is the same style outfit in a different print - Bouquet Toss. Enjoy!

From Spring 2009

Type Size Here

Spring Pre Orders - on the way!

I know, I have been running behind on the daily pre orders! Sorry - still trying to get ready for the Mountain Marketplace "HOLIDAZE" Show I am in this weekend. Got lots of Christmas items to get ready!

I have had a request for this one, so I'll go ahead and post it now - the purchase info will be ready later today with buy now buttons, etc. But for the time being - here is what will be offered for pre order today! BUTTON HAS BEEN ADDED - SEE BELOW!

From Spring 2009

From Spring 2009

From Spring 2009

Type Size Here

Friday, November 7, 2008

Spring 2009 Shows

Ok, you've all been asking! They start the last week of January and will run through the end of March.

Here are the January dates available....

Tues. Jan 27
Thurs. Jan 29
Friday Jan 30 (Mobile area ONLY)

Sat. Jan 24

February is filling up FAST! The dates I have left available for February are:

Thurs. Feb 12
Thurs. Feb 26

Sunday, Feb 1 (Mobile area ONLY!)
Sunday, Feb 15
Saturday, Feb 28 (this one is on hold, but first come first served!)

March is pretty much open, so I thought it would be easier to post dates NOT AVAILABLE!
NOT available dates are:
March 13, March 14, March 20, March 27

Ok, well start checking those calendars and book your date before they are all gone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Running on empty

Ok, I promised two Spring preorders tonight and one of them was supposed to be a boy's outfit.....I won't let you down, I promise!

However, tonight I have been working on about 300 pictures from April @ Once in Every Life photography. I ordered two hard bound "look books" that I'm thrilled with! I'm completely wiped out though. I often wonder if people really know how much goes into this business. Every day I hear of new people who have learned to sew an a-line jumper and are ready to jump into the business. Not that I got started much differently, but if I had known then what I know now.....well, I guess I would have been where I am now two years ago! ha. When you are trying on clothes at the mall, you just aren't thinking about line sheets, wholesaling, marketing, designing, and all of the etc. etc. etc. that goes into producing what you are trying on. Even I still don't know exactly what has gone into it, though I am learning more every day. I read, I experience, but still - it amazes me.

The photo shoot alone is a HUGE undertaking. Ok, so the shoot turned out great - now I have pictures. What do I do with them? Catalog? Look book? Line sheet? What kind of presentation do I want to spend my money on? How am I going to distribute these photos so that retailers and customers alike know how great my products are? I are thinking blah blah blah....but these are real concerns and there are so many MORE concerns that go into every single move you make in this industry. And, I use the term "industry" lightly, because I still feel like I am such a novice, newbie, newcomer, freshman, that "industry" feels so much bigger than me.

Ok, after all that rambling (if you are still reading!) I am ready to show off the new spring preorders for tonight!
owen camo watermark
The Owen Jumbo Pocket Jon Jon - Camo Critters
MSRP: $42.00 (includes monogrammed pocket)
Earlybird Price: $33.60 (plus tax & shipping)
Sizes NB - 4T
Buy Here

Type Size Here

Spring 20091-9
Round Yoke Dress - Party Dot
MSRP: Sizes 2, 4, 6 $48.00 (earlybird $38.40 plus tax/Shipping)
MSRP: Sizes 8, 10, 12 $58.00 (earlybird $46.40 plus tax/shipping)
Buy Here:

Type Size Here

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2 more Spring Preorder Options coming Wednesday!

Sorry, I have been slacking! Not really slacking, just busy....over the weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. Then today I had lunch with my bestie, Jessica, before she left town, finished up a few orders and edited & watermarked some spring photos. Oh, and of course I voted & went to the gym for the first time in several months! I am trying my best to get a "look book" together in a catalog style for wholesalers, retailers, as well as consumers to order from. It is quite an undertaking!

Tomorrow I am going to feature 2 spring preorder options - and look out mamas - one of them will be a boys outfit! Yea! I'm so excited about the boys digs this season. Just for fun....we will have monogrammed polos, two different styles of shorts, fun & funky jon jons & more. Can't wait to show you!

Until then, enjoy some of the pics in the collage above!
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