Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm so sad! I am new to the whole Picasa Web Photos service - I usually use Flickr or Photobucket. However, I love a lot of the features of Picasa and it makes it really easy to share and edit photos, etc. Well, I was going through my old albums online, and deleting some super old ones. Little did I know, that I was deleting photos from my blog! AWWWW.....sad! No way to undo this little mistake either. Kind of makes me sad since this blog has been a good tracker of my progress - it is nice to look back and see what kind of things I did in the beginning as compared to now. There are still a few pics left up, but some good ones are gone gone. Boohoo.....

On a happier note, I have uploaded the Buy Now button for the much requested Heather Tunic & Jumbo Ruffle capri set in the Bell Bottoms print. I have had lots of comments on it and a request for it to be listed specifically - so here ya go! (see blog below)

Since I have been running behind, I am going to load one more for tonight. This is the same style outfit in a different print - Bouquet Toss. Enjoy!

From Spring 2009

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