Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holidaze has come & gone - now for the Holidays!

Mountain Marketplace Holidaze was today and it was just awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to go around and check out all of the awesome booths that were there this season, but there were LOTS of cool vendors. One, that I just loved was The Pretty Shirt. Please check out Kristin's site and the message that she is sending women with these uplifting shirts that she makes and sells. I have to admit, the website is precious, but doesn't do her products justice. They are so cute in person and there are even more designs than are on the site. The shirt I got said "TIGERpretty" of course for my Auburn Tigers!

A little more about The Pretty Shirt from Kristin's site:

About…..The Pretty Shirt…..the message of these very cool shirts is one of
empowerment….a celebration of all women—of all ages—and all the
different ways we are pretty…..I have 3 daughters and my hope for them is that
they don’t waste their time trying to be someone they’re not…that they embrace
the way God made them and go girl go….
I hope you enjoy these shirts and
their message….I hope you are pleasantly surprised by the uplifting message of
the packaging and most of all I hope YOU feel celebrated when you wear your
pretty shirt….and lastly I hope you enjoy giving The Pretty Shirt to all the
women in your life. I still can’t decide whether is more fun to wear The Pretty
Shirt or to give The Pretty Shirt….