Tuesday, November 18, 2008

VOTE! I need your help immediately!

Hi Guys!
I am inlisting your help for a little advice. I have an appointment with an awesome boutique tomorrow and need to bring in some samples from the Spring 09 line. What are your favorites that you have seen so far? I do realize I have not posted the entire line yet, but if you have seen something that really blew you away, please leave a comment and let me know and I'll be sure and bring that outfit with me tomorrow! Please leave your comments asap!


judy cruz said...

Anna, I like the triple ruffle pants. The Madison outfit. The skort that Katie wore.The boutique outfit. Judy Cruz

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the triple ruffle pants as my favorite "piece", but my favorite fabric is Bouquet toss for SURE! I loved the preorder option and getting so see it peice by piece, but I can't wait to see the complete line! You will do great today! Your work is fantastic! GOOD LUCK!

Shea said...

Love the triple pant, but also the Madison and the Heather. Super cute! Good luck!