Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bored with my blogs?

I know you are used to reading things a bit more interesting and lighthearted from my blog and I have bored you to death with CPSIA requirements and bad news lately. I apologize! Lately, this is all that is on my mind - as you can understand since I may be closing my doors in February. I'm excited though - our cause is #1 on Change.org - an idea to introduce to Obama after inauguration!

So, to lighten things up a little, I have decided to share with you some Christmas photos from my home! Every year, I have good intentions to go all out with my Christmas decorating, but somehow it just never ends up happening! I do really love my dining room table though...

and I think my Christmas tree turned out nicely too.

My favorite ornaments are the framed ones from each year Jason and I have been together. I love looking at them each Christmas and seeing how we've changed and remembering things from the Christmas each picture was taken! AH - this time last year we were in Cozumel! I can't wait until our tree has 30 or 40 of these frames on it and we can look back at our life together - cheesey I know, but great to think about.

I especially like the coordinating wrapping paper I chose to use this year. Diamonds and Damask - ring a bell? I am using Diamonds and Damask for the Spring line too!

Check out my mantle - we have a stray reindeer! Not sure how this happened, but I guess he's just going against the flow - ha.

My favorite piece of furniture in our house:

Lastly - here is our staircase. Usually, I display our Christmas cards here, but we haven't gotten many this year! I guess people are cutting back this year. I have to say - I usually send out family cards AND business Christmas cards, but this year I only sent out 16 cards. Budgets are tight for everyone and I guess this is one of the ways it is showing this holiday.
Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas!


bayandsarahkatesmom said...

well I think your house is beautifully decorated!! I am dreading taking my trees down but Friday is the day it will all come down!! Hope you had a great Christmas, see ya on January 31st!