Monday, December 29, 2008

Still Christmas at my house!

Yesterday, I called and checked in with a couple of my friends and everyone was doing the same thing.....packing up Christmas. What a sad day! I absolutely HATE putting Christmas decorations away - a sign that the season is over....ugh.

Luckily, this year Christmas is lasting right into the New Year for the Garner Family! On Jan. 3 we will be hosting my husband's family Christmas here at our house. That means I get to enjoy the season just a little bit longer!
I did a test run last night for one of the casseroles I intend to make - Elegant Asparagus Casserole...a recipe I found in one of my mother's recipe books from 1968. It was a hit with Jason which really says a lot. If he likes it enough to compliment, then it HAS to be good! A man of few words..... I am the queen of casseroles though - there's nothing I like better to eat or make!
We had Christmas with my side of the family on Christmas Eve. Niki got a new Wii and I totally kicked everybody's butt at bowling....a first for me. We came home that night to be with our doggies and wait for Santa, but Jason had said if he had known Niki was getting a Wii, we would have planned to spend the night!
Here is a picture of me and my sweet Boopie (my mother's dad). He is one of the sweetest men I know.
Oh, and thanks Jess for the shirt! (my Christmas gift from my bestie)