Friday, January 30, 2009

Crunch time...

Wow, this week has been nuts. The nuttier part is, the craziness is just beginning!

If you read regularly, you may remember that I had applied to take part in Cottontails Village back in July 08. Well, several months later I received my deposit back in the mail. They will only accept a certain number of vendors from each category, and mine - Children's Clothing - was already full. :-( They told me that they would keep my application on file and let me know if anything opened up. Well, I had pretty much hung that idea up and thought "Better luck next year!" and moved on. I had already decided that even if they called me in November and told me I got in, that there was no way I would have enough time to prepare.

Well, low and behold....they called. Friday, January 23rd. My first reaction was to say no....I mean, I'm not crazy right? Wrong...I am. I told them let me think about it and I'd call back that afternoon. I called around to a couple of people whose opinions I trust and both said DO IT! "If it is a chance to make money, why wouldn't you?" Right. Called back....said yes.

So anyway, now I am officially going crazy and the sleepless nights have begun. Tomorrow is my Fall/Holiday 2009 photoshoot. It is here at my house, which is a mess. The clothes aren't completely finished and not only do they have to be ready by 9am tomorrow morning, but they have to be shipped to my Dallas and Atlanta show rooms by Monday, PLUS finish up my line sheets and have them printed. Yikes.

Photo by Johanna Cosby
In the meantime, I have a million ideas running through my head about what the *&$%#* I'm going to make to sell at Cottontails. I mean, I have virtually NO INVENTORY and only 4 weeks to make enough to sell there. Even with the economy being in its current state, Cottontails is a huge event here in Birmingham and many vendors sell out of their entire inventory before the 3 day show is even over! OH - and don't forget - I don't have a booth display yet! My dear friend Ginny designed one for me and it is quite good, but it requires Jason's carpentry skills and several people helping me paint one day....friends? Volunteers? Please???? I also need help manning my booth on Friday Saturday and Sunday as well as help setting up on Thursday. Friends? Volunteers? Please????

So, as you can see, things are a little nuts. I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night. Laid there. A jillion thoughts running through my head. No sleep. Up at 6am sewing. Had to take a minute out to share this craziness with those who read here! So, it's back to work for me. I have several outfits to finish up before tomorrow as well as a house to clean. me if you can help at all!


Teresa Pomerantz said...

I wish I could help- but I think Austin, TX is very far away from Birmingham

Mama Krit said...

oh man, you will be one busy lady!! Good luck, I hope you sell like mad! But not too mad. :)