Saturday, January 31, 2009

Freeze frame

Well, today was an interesting "learning" experience. Turns out, maybe studio shoots aren't so fun after all! I think the kiddos got a little bored with our white backdrop and had a hard time staying "in focus"....pun intended! However, April was able to get some great shots as she always does! We ran out of models & time before we ran out of clothes, so my mannequin/dress form got quite the work out today!

Afterwards I was feeling a little artsy fartsy, so since I don't have any little models of my own I took the doggies out on this beautiful day for their own little photoshoot!

My Beautiful Bella:

Bella's Mug Shot
Up close and personal

My Sweet Paris:

As about as enthused as a typical 2 year old...
This one really cracks me the foamy drool at the corner of her mouth. Gotta love those jowls!
If you were to accuse me of wasting time right now, it would be rightfully so. Have you ever had so much to do that you actually freeze? Sometimes I work better under pressure....well most of the time actually. But today and the past couple of days I have been frozen. I'm hoping that tomorrow I will "thaw out" and get lots accomplished.

My schedule that I made for myself has still been working pretty well to some extent. Monday, I had to forgo bill/paperwork day because I had too much to do to get ready for the shoot. I did laundry every day instead of two days. Things are still getting done, however I can see my housework slipping and have seriously considered calling up my old housecleaner who hasn't been here since Christmas 2007 to do some deep cleaning. I think this would keep me on track for at least a while until I am able to get caught up.

Oh, and I'm still accepting volunteers for my booth at Cottontails on March 6 & 7. Come on friends! Help a sistah out! Ok, enough gabby from me....I gotta get something done around here.


Jen Harris said...

Your doggies are adorable!

I have something for you on my blog...check it out!