Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Start to Spring 09

Today was the first Spring 09 trunk show for SDD and it went really great! It was an awesome start to the season. Tomorrow, I am shipping the trunk to the Mobile area for another show on the 31st for hostess Rhonda Williams. I know Rhonda's show will be great too....I mean check out her precious model daughter!

I totally credit Sarah Kate (and my awesome photographer of course) for the popularity of this outfit!

Anyway, it was really hard to get back in "show mode" today after being out of it for almost 4 months, but now that it has started I'm ready to go full speed ahead! This week should be pretty crazy week....I have another photoshoot for the Fall/Holiday 09 line on Saturday. The line is shipping out to our Dallas and Atlanta showrooms on Feb. 2 and I have to get it finished for the photoshoot and then packed and shipped! I only have a few more outfits to make, but I am having to make doubles so there will be samples for both showrooms. Want a sneak peek? Here is a little glimpse at Holiday 09. This photo was taken by Johanna Cosby of her sweet daughter Pearson!

This is a two pieces set available separately...the top is an apron style dress that crosses in the back . The dress underneath is the long sleeve version of Spring 2009's Peasant Dress "Mayme". This line will probably be available beginning in July or August 09 and I have great news! I have General Conformity Certificates for everything from the Fall/Holiday 09 Line! Which means they are all completely compliant with the CPSIA. My fingers are still crossed that something will change with this act, but in the meantime, Sweet Dreams Designs is doing what it can do to stay in business and stay compliant.

Ok - that's all for me tonight. About to start a busy week! Have a great one...and SWEET DREAMS!