Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Had 2 show cancellations and would love to fill in the blanks if anyone is interested in hosting a show this season! If you have EVER had any interest in hosting a SDD Show, now is the time. I have decided to make this the last season that I do Trunk Shows due to....well, many things.

It is so hard for me to do all of this myself - sew, host shows, travel, etc. Yes, I have Judy who is a HUGE help, but with Trunk Shows and the Atlanta and Dallas Showrooms, I'm just not sure we can keep up. SO, obviously something has to go and unfortunately it is most likely going to be my traveling for Trunk Shows. I do have my two regulars in Atlanta and Alex City that I will continue to do shows for if they wish to do so - can't forget about the people who helped me get my start! Thanks Leanne and Erica!

This is the Spring schedule - please contact me if you are interested in hosting a show or attending one in your area!

Spring 2009 Trunk Shows

1/25 – Tiffany Sanders – Childersburg, AL
1/31 – Rhonda Williams – Satusuma, AL
2/5 – Alex Hare – Hoover, AL
2/7 – Mericia Cruz – Thorsby, AL
2/9 – 2/14 – Leanne Calhoun – Alexander City, AL
2/21 – Erica Hurley – Atlanta, GA
2/28 – Donna Welling – Hoover, AL
3/21 – Emily Locklear – Trussville, AL
3/27 – Brandy Wallis – Harpersville/Vincent, AL