Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Alone

Ahhhh....home and some alone time - relief!

Since January 2nd, I haven't had much down time or alone time. I have had a house full of people or at least one house guest every day since with one exception. January 3rd was our family Christmas with my husband's side of the family - plus my few peeps too! I pulled off a fab dinner for 21....something I've never done before! I was very proud and pleased with the way everything turned out. Food warm, place settings perfect, room for everyone, family all together, perfect!

After the family cleared out on Wednesday, I had Thursday to get ready for another house full on Friday! One of my dear friends came in town from Boston to visit and show case her jewelry at my house. We had a show for her and tried on some jewelry and got some great stuff and had a wonderful time visiting and catching up. We had SUCH a great time that we ended staying up till 4am - luckily we had planned it as a spend the night party because we know when we get together it lasts all night! There were 10 at the jewelry show and 7 that spent the night.

Saturday at 1pm, I went to Emily's baby shower. She is expecting her second baby girl, Aida. We had a great visit and then it was off to meet my bestie for dinner and margaritas at Cucina Superior...a new favorite with a great happy hour! Then, it was off to our friend's house for more conversation until midnight and finally home.

Now, you know why I am still exhausted even though I went to bed early last night and still managed to sleep until 9am!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to entertain and visit with friends, but I'm so happy to have this house to myself and get back to work! Still, I am off to a late start at 11am, but I'm determined to make this a productive day!