Thursday, January 22, 2009

New "office" of sorts....

I've been on Jason for the past 3 months about getting my antique roll top desk from Clanton and bringing it here. However, that chore just doesn't sound like much no trailer and no help....and it is a HUGE desk! Very heavy. So, this week I had had enough of working off of a tv tray so I decided to just cover this folding table with a cloth and go ahead and set up my new "office" where I wanted it.

We have a great "nook" or sitting area in our bedroom that never gets used. Well...except by Bella who loves this chair. It is actually HER chair now. We have two of them just alike, but she favors this one for some reason! Anyway, our bedroom is the largest room in the house and no one is ever in there except to sleep. My sewing room is absolutely maxed out on space....I mean I'm spinning in circles in there. So, I decided to move my computer, and all office related things our of there and into the nook. Jason is not thrilled with it because 1.) he hates this table and 2.) It is in our bedroom.

Having an office in the bedroom has its ups and downs. Up - more space. Down - have to get off the computer when Jason goes to 8:30! Up - I don't stay up all night on the computer. Ok, so more Ups than that's good, right?

Anyway, the pictures above are of the new "office", my office assistants, and my office assistants after a long day's work! I am moving my serger into the sewing room tonight, now that I have room. So, tomorrow I will post before and afters of the sewing room, but for now I must get to work!


Jus Shar Designs said...

Those are a couple of BIG babies. I love the one-leg-hanging-off-the-chair look. :-)

Stephanie Day said...

Your new "office" looks good and Bella in that chair always cracks me up. You need to put that picture next to the one of Sasha (aka Kitty Nap) in that chair.....big differnce!