Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sewing Room Revamp - AGAIN!

My poor sewing room is so confused. It gets rearranged at least once a quarter. Usually due to some sort of new machinery, or sewing table I have bought. I'm so pleased with the way it turned out, but of course pictures still make it look like a wreck and don't really do it justice. SO, to make you understand what I'm working with, I am sharing a picture of the sewing room "during" the transformation when it was complete chaos!

Sewing Room Chaos

Now, for some "afters". I believe you can click the photos to enlarge them....

January 09 - 012

I was finally able to bring in my clothing rack so it is not taking up space in the guest bedroom!

January 09 - 013

Ok, yeah....so I need a new cable cord for my new tiny tv. This one is about 20 feet long!

January 09 - 014

I left the door to the closet open for this picture because I cleaned it out too! Made room to move the filing cabinet (which used to double as a printer stand!) into the closet. On the closet door is my ironing board....very handy.

January 09 - 015

Loving my cutting table. It folds up all tiny so I can have room for....more stuff I guess!

January 09 - 007

To the left of this table is where my serger will go. It is a big old monster of a thing and it just hasn't made it upstairs yet. Any volunteers?

And, as you can see none of my wall hung things are centered anymore since everything has been moved around.

January 09 - 008

Moved the embroidery machine to here. I was told it is not good to have them this close to windows...I guess because of humidity. However, I really have no choice. Also, it makes it so much easier to get on both sides of it when it is here.

So, that is the grand tour....you can see I still have a little work left to be done, but overall I am very pleased with the turn out. It is super functional now which I suppose is the most important thing!

If anyone else has had a sewing room re-do I would love to see it!


Priddy Creations said...

It looks great! I am in the process of chaning my around.....AGAIN! I will share pics when I get it done. I scored a FANTABULOUS cabinet today that I can't wait to clean up and use.

Mary said...

Gorgeous! I love it!