Saturday, February 28, 2009

Booth decor - Cottontails less than a week away!

Today I put the sewing away for a while since I had Jason here to help me some. We worked on covering my display boards with fabric and then I got started on this little project:

Each of these photo hangings will be on either side of my logo sign hanging from the black backdrop curtain provided by the Civic Center. They are hung from wreath hangers. I thought a staple gun would be my best bet for these, but the cardboard on the back of the frames was too flimsy so I used a glue gun. I think they'll hold up fine. They ought to....I used a ton of glue! Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the way these turned out! The lighting and photography is bad, but you get the general idea...
The whole theme for the booth is lavender, apple green and brown - the colors of my logo. I have a lavender tablecloth as well as a chocolate brown topper that I made last week to use on my table. My racks that I bought from Goody's store closing are painted apple green. I have three display boards that will be hinged together to form a sort of screen. The center one is brown with an apple green crown on top (which I made from super thick foam board and painted) The ones on either side are lavender. Each board will have peg/racks screwed into it that will hold 4 different outfit styles. So, add that to the two Goody's racks that hold 4 styles each and I'll have room for 20 different styles! Not quite sure I have that many though, so I may end up nixing one of the Goody's racks.

I'm actually surprised that Judy, Joanna, and I have gotten as much done as we have. Hanging on my racks now are over 100 outfits and more are on the way. I have many upstairs that are lacking buttons and then a few that still need appliques. Next week will be busy.

I had thought that next week would be committed solely to running errands and picking up things for the booth, but it looks like there will be a little sewing here and there too! I'm not sure of my total inventory cost yet, but it will be interesting to add that up in the coming days. The thing about a show like this is, you determine how much money you make by how much you MAKE. So, if I had been working on this since July when I originally applied, then obviously I would make much more money from the show. But oh do what you can, and I'm pleased with our progress.

Now, I have to run - hosting a couples shower this evening and need to get in a few errands before I head over there!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A break from show time

Today was my last trunk show for a few weeks so I will have a little time off to continue to prepare for Cottontails which is only 12 days away! I have been lucky enough to have some very sweet friends volunteer to help me manage my booth during those three days. I was worried for a while that I was going to be running the booth on my own, so this was quite a relief!

I am taking tonight off because I am exhausted. I went to Atlanta yesterday and stayed with Jessica and then had Erica's trunk show today from 10:30 - 4. Then I hit the road and got home a little after 6. It was a whirlwind visit and I wish I could have stayed a little longer, but Jason is out of town so I had to get back home to Bella and Paris. (needless to say they were happy to see me after being in the house alone since 5am!) From the sounds of their snores, you would think they hadn't been sleeping all day!

Last week was barely productive at all. I was busy ALL week long, but in hind sight I got very little completed. I have tons of outfits started, but very few on hangers ready to sell or ship. This is only minorly disturbing seeing that I have 12 days left to get my display and enough outfits ready to sell. (plus tagged, hung, sized and priced) It's amazing what all goes into one of these shows. I have really enjoyed it though and will probably do it again as long as the show goes well. I had a minor melt down last week and Jason and I decided maybe I was trying too hard. It's not that I have a lot riding on this show, it is just a great opportunity. I just wish I had found out in July that I was participating, not the end of January. Many of the vendors I have spoken with that have participated in Cottontails in the past say that they bring around $30k worth of inventory to the show and ALWAYS sell out before the end of the last day. That is quite a load to bear considering I have had 5 weeks to prepare for this. I just want to make the most of it that I can and I guess that's all I can really do. Judy has really helped out tremendously and her daughter Joanna has come on board with us as well (which is a huge help!)

Tomorrow, Jason is coming home and we are going to finish up my display. This means we will be painting and covering display board with fabric, etc. It shouldn't take too long if our design works is likely that the display board with be too top heavy and come crashing down - nightmare! But, if all goes well I should be able to cross that chore off my list and put my focus back on making clothing to sell and finishing up trunk show orders.

Off to relax before another week of madness! Goodnight!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a little update

It's been a little while since I blogged so I figured I had a few minutes this morning. Not really time to spare, but sometimes you just need a break. Here's a little taste of what has been going on around here....

My sweet Mother in Law came over from Rome, GA on Monday, Feb. 2 to help me get started on sewing things for Cottontails. She was able to stay all the way through Thursday and we got a TON done in that short amount of time. I warned her before she came that we'd be working really hard, and I didn't lie! We worked from about 7:30 am until midnight every day. When she left on Thursday I went to bed a 9pm (exhausted!) and got up at 4am and got back to work. It is amazing how much you can get done before the sun comes up! Surprisingly, I didn't crash at 8am like I usually do when I get up that early....probably thanks to the two Diet Mtn. Dews I had. (Thank GOD for least until I have kidney failure....)

I did take one little break during the week while she was here to go see baby Aida - my dear friend Emily's new little one! She was absolutely beautiful!

Now, this week has been a different story. I had a show in Thorsby on Saturday and stayed in Clanton till around 5. Got home then off to grill out at a friend's house. Sunday - I truly don't know where that day went. Laundry and household chores maybe? Who very little work done that day. Tuesday, I had a trunk show in Alex City with Leanne and Wednesday, I delivered a wholesale order to Sassafras Boutique in Homewood! Sassafras is the first store in Alabama to carry my line, so I am very excited to see how it does here. I'm hoping to go over there next week to see if some of my items are in the window display so I can take a picture! Fun fun! Anyway, Thursday I was able to get back to work, not leaving the house even once - finally! And today - Friday the 13th - will hopefully be just as productive as yesterday - if not more so.

So, to sum up - my progress for Cottontails is a little grim. I'm meeting Judy on Saturday to pick up and drop off more things to be made for the show plus things from my trunk shows. I barely have enough to fill my display racks right now. Poor little booth....if nothing else at least maybe I can get my name out to some local folks. Wish me luck - only 2 weeks to go.