Saturday, February 28, 2009

Booth decor - Cottontails less than a week away!

Today I put the sewing away for a while since I had Jason here to help me some. We worked on covering my display boards with fabric and then I got started on this little project:

Each of these photo hangings will be on either side of my logo sign hanging from the black backdrop curtain provided by the Civic Center. They are hung from wreath hangers. I thought a staple gun would be my best bet for these, but the cardboard on the back of the frames was too flimsy so I used a glue gun. I think they'll hold up fine. They ought to....I used a ton of glue! Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the way these turned out! The lighting and photography is bad, but you get the general idea...
The whole theme for the booth is lavender, apple green and brown - the colors of my logo. I have a lavender tablecloth as well as a chocolate brown topper that I made last week to use on my table. My racks that I bought from Goody's store closing are painted apple green. I have three display boards that will be hinged together to form a sort of screen. The center one is brown with an apple green crown on top (which I made from super thick foam board and painted) The ones on either side are lavender. Each board will have peg/racks screwed into it that will hold 4 different outfit styles. So, add that to the two Goody's racks that hold 4 styles each and I'll have room for 20 different styles! Not quite sure I have that many though, so I may end up nixing one of the Goody's racks.

I'm actually surprised that Judy, Joanna, and I have gotten as much done as we have. Hanging on my racks now are over 100 outfits and more are on the way. I have many upstairs that are lacking buttons and then a few that still need appliques. Next week will be busy.

I had thought that next week would be committed solely to running errands and picking up things for the booth, but it looks like there will be a little sewing here and there too! I'm not sure of my total inventory cost yet, but it will be interesting to add that up in the coming days. The thing about a show like this is, you determine how much money you make by how much you MAKE. So, if I had been working on this since July when I originally applied, then obviously I would make much more money from the show. But oh do what you can, and I'm pleased with our progress.

Now, I have to run - hosting a couples shower this evening and need to get in a few errands before I head over there!


Teresa Pomerantz said...

These are wonderful! I can't wait to see the pics from the show (you are going to take a picture of your display aren't you?) It is hard to picture in my head. I also can't wait to get my hands on those ruffle pants- how do we order? Do share?

Teresa Pomerantz said...

You have no idea how thrilled I would be to take pictures of your Sweet Dreams Designs. I wouldn't even charge anything :) I can get some older models too- not just my 2 yr olds.

Jen Harris said...

YAY! That's my boy in the first pic ~proud momma~ :) I can't wait to see pics of the whole display...I bet it will be amazing!