Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Planting Time & a New Office

Now that it is pouring down rain, it is hard to believe that when I originally started working on this post it was such a beautiful day for yard work!

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Last week, Home Depot had a sale on 4" annuals = 3 for $1! A dream come true for Jason and me. He has wanted to fill our backyard with annuals every season, but we haven't been able to afford it - our back yard is pretty big! Pictured below are the 90...yes ninety... plants that we bought last week and planted over the weekend. 90 plants doesn't go as far as you think! We were able to get 3 beds done and I think they turned out beautifully.

Lilac Petunias

Orange and Yellow Marigolds - my design - Jason finally admitted he really liked it!
Multicolored Zinnias - kind of small right now, but they will be gorgeous!

It was such a great feeling working in the yard and getting things done around the house all day! We finally after 6 months, got my serger out of the basement and into my sewing room! Wow...that has cut down production time! We also moved my antique desk into my new office, which is fab!

Originally, as you may remember, my new office was supposed to be in the sitting nook in our master bedroom. Well, much to Jason's relief the desk was too large to fit through the door to our room! This also meant that Jason didn't have to bring it upstairs, which was great because that sucker is heavy! So, I panicked a little when I first found out that I was going to have to find a new home for my home office, but we got it all sorted out. We have a room that I have blogged about before. I have never really known what to call it, because it is supposed to be our dining room, but we are using our formal living for our dining. So, I guess this mystery room was supposed to be our formal living. Well, instead it is really a room where all of our extra furniture collects....we like to call it the music room since that is where the piano landed!
Now, the room has a new title - OFFICE.

I got my new old desk put in its place. It's not perfect - needs a lot of work, but it is perfect for me! This desk was my dad's and he had bought it to fix up. That never happened and it landed in a basement for the past 17 years. No big surprise that it is not in perfect condition. Turns out it is a banker's desk from (I'm guessing) the 1940's. It has all of these awesome little nooks and crannies and extra desk space that pulls out of both sides!