Friday, April 3, 2009

New from the Fall 2009 Photo Shoot!

I thought this was another cutie from our Fall 2009 photoshoot with Once in Every Life. Bailey has been modeling for me for three seasons now! One of my favorite pictures is on the right hand bar of the blog from our Fall 2008 session....that's Bailey! Check out those pink clogs - perfect, right?

This is Taylor's second season with us. I thought this pic was cute - she was caught mid twirl! This little Holiday Set was the first outfit I made for the Fall 2009 line and I was thrilled when it was completed. My favorite thing about the line is that everything is mix and match. For example - you could also wear these pants with this top if you prefer a different look. And as always - it looks great with jeans too! Oh - and the turtleneck is also from SDD check out the matching ruffle around the collar!

Well, tonight we are having Jason's birthday dinner with a few of his work buddies here at our house. That means I have a ton to do before 6pm. One of those items on my list is pick out a coordinating paint color for our home's exterior. We are having our house painted over the weekend. With that being said - I'll write more when I can. I have some news to share....and no it's not good news, and no I'm not pregnant! (It seems every time someone my age "has news" everyone immediately assumes they are pregnant....or maybe it's just me!)