Saturday, June 6, 2009

two, 2, TWO booths in ONE!

I'm almost too tired to even begin to write about today's adventures in craft fairs, but I thought I would at least get a post started so you can see what you missed today! Here's a rundown of my day:
4am - wake up. 5:30am - Leave for Calera. 6am - Arrive in Calera and set up tent #1. 6:30am - Leave for Ross Bridge. 7:15am - Arrive at Ross Bridge and set up tent #2! 12pm - Break down booth #2 1pm - Arrive back in Calera 3pm - Jason arrived at Calera to help break down tent and booth #1...then drive home. Arrived home and CRASHED at approximately 4pm!

That makes for a grand total of 12 hours non stop and 2 solid hours of driving! Wow....busy day!

I did take a brief nap which has at least allowed me to stay up until 11am, but I'm on my way to crashing again! Check back here tomorrow for more updates on today's craft fair adventures and a brief review of each fair!

Here, you can see my neighbors - immediately to my left Brenda Scott (BB's Bread) handing out her freshly made sourdough bread! yum! And, to her right, Heather Honeycutt-Hurt with Blue Eye Creations and her hand stamped flour sack towels! And, yes...I came home today with two personalized towels AND a loaf of bread! Sadly, the bread is already half eaten...Jason and I LOVE Mrs. BB's bread!

I ended up rearranging this table just a bit with the flip flops circling the bow tower and I think it looked better that way....but you get the general idea! The flip flops and bows were made by Joanna of Jo's Bows who also helps me sew. Also in this pic you can see my new banner that I'm super proud of! I'm working on a tutorial to show how to make these for yourself...OR if you are interested in having one made, please contact me regarding colors and fabrics. Banners will be approximately $6 per letter.

Here is a full view of my tent...I didn't realize until looking at these pics that it was a little lopsided! I'm sure no one else noticed either. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I'm excited about setting up on June 20th since I'll have my full inventory available!

Live music! Made for such a nice was beautiful out and Ross Bridge is such a nice backdrop for any event and live music made it that much more enjoyable. I'm going to have to check and see what the artists name was...I can't remember off the top of my head.

Here are two of my cute little customers who were sweet enough (AND well behaved enough!) to let me take a picture of them wearing their new digs! It is always such an honor when a customer wants to let their child wear their outfit RIGHT THEN! Of course mom was concerned about the bows not matching, but when you're cute, you're cute, right? Matching bow or not! And yes, believe it or not they are twins! Double the cute-ness!


Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations said...

Looks great Anna but sounds soooo exhausting! I hope you did well. Get some rest!