Saturday, July 25, 2009


This little guy is such a cutie and has been such a great little model for me! We have so much fun and he is just a little rag doll - you can dress him up in whatever you want and he never complains or even lets out a whimper!

In this photo, he is modeling my new "Knot Overalls". They come in several combos in Blue, Red & Brown. We also took pictures for the new Spring 2010 Boys Line that will be on display at the Stella Jane & Friends Showroom at the Atlanta Apparel Mart this August! His pictures will be on the wall at the Sweet Dreams Designs section of the showroom! Here's another pic in the new Blue Check Initial Tee & Cuffed Pants.

I have also added the A Line Collection for girls that will match all of the Knot Overalls and Appliqued Tees for boys! Those of you who like to match siblings are in for a treat! I'm still adding to this collection, but you know it's coming!

Only a few more pieces left to make before the first show begins on July 30th! It's been a long road on this fall line, but I'm almost there!