Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A familiar face

We've been seeing a lot of this little guy lately, and as the season progresses there will be even more to come! Preston had a photo session with Carmen from CBM Photography and she was sweet enough to share this photo of him wearing a Sweet Dreams Designs outfit from the Spring 2009 line! (Wow...seems so long ago since this outfit first debuted, so it is awesome to see it in action!)

Thanks Carmen, and thanks Preston's mommy for sharing this sweet moment with me!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whatcha doin'?

You may wonder why I haven't posted much lately...

Mainly, it's because I've been making this stuff! Getting ready for the fall shows which officially kicked off on Thursday July 30! The first show was great and many of the items that I thought would be a hit, actually were...which is a great feeling!

Once a week, I have been taking a break from sewing to stay with good ol' granddad (Boopie) and take care of him. It makes for a long day, but don't worry....he keeps me busy! We spend lots of time outside..............

.....checking on the barn, the tractor, the farm equipment, the oil cans, feeding the catfish, walking the garden with rows of corn (which we also pick, shuck, silk, cook & EAT!)

We also spend a good deal of time with this guy....Jack. One of the sweetest cats I've ever "known", which is a good thing since he'll be coming home with me someday when the time comes..................

..........but until then, he'll keep stalking the birdhouses in the country!

This is just a little "hello" and update on what has been keeping me from my precious blog lately! Now that shows have started, maybe things will get back to "normal"....whatever that is!