Friday, September 25, 2009

Everything happens for a reason

I'm here, I promise! But, just barely and only for a minute!

I've been trying to find the time for this long awaited post, but the "spare" moments have been few and far between these days. This particular moment should really be spent sleeping, but I'm in one of those moods where I'm completely exhausted, but too anxious to sleep.

Those of you that keep up with me on the various social networking sites know exactly what I've been up to lately, but those of you who don't have a big surprise in store! Speaking of stores.....

....this one is MINE! Yep, that's right....bought a children's store! It seems like such old news now that it feels silly writing about it. Here's the story anyway....

Ok, so I was looking for a retail location because I had an awesome idea for a children's custom clothing store/fabric sewing store. I won't share the details just in case! lol! I had been on a hot pursuit for this particular house built in the late 1800s...totally beautiful, perfect for what I was looking for. Long store was expensive! So anyway...I had almost given up on this place and I get an email on my phone saying "JUST LISTED" 81 Church Street at an unbelievable price. I rushed down to my computer to see that it was a children's clothing store!

It was a little different situation than I was originally looking for since it was the business for sale and not the actual building. But, I called about it immediately and made an appointment to see it on Sunday (this was on a Thursday). Well, on Saturday I had a show at Ross Bridge and afterward I just decided to ride on over there and check it out. The owner (who usually only worked 3 or 4 days a month) was there. So, we chatted for a bit....I even talked to her husband who kept the books etc. It was a perfect meeting. When I left the parking lot, I called Jason and said I WANT IT! He said go back and make an offer! Wow....really? He was totally into it...which is huge because he is not the risk taking type. SO....Sunday rolls around and I meet with the selling agent and make an offer immediately. By the end of Sunday, we had a deal!

We closed TWO WEEKS LATER! All this and holding trunk shows at the same time. It has been an absolutely amazing journey so far. Something I can NOT believe that I have done. Like an absolute dream! (a crazy, busy, life changing dream, but a dream nonetheless!)

So, for the last month I have been learning lots, sewing not enough, visiting market as a BUYER!, and so much more. Add this to trunk shows, keeping my granddad on Mondays, and trying to be a wife and housekeeper at the same time! Am I excused from not blogging lately?

So, this is a REALLY quick peek into what has been going on "behind the scenes" lately. I'm going to try my best to keep you up to date....I pray to stay busy, but hope I have time for blogging at the same time!

I appreciate everyone's support over these last three years through the many changes that Sweet Dreams Designs has taken on. I feel like this is the best one yet, and very lucky to have my customers - both old and new!

I promise more details to come soon!


Teresa Pomerantz said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anna- I had no idea. I am very happy for you. But will you still be sewing? You go girl!

sandra said...

Congratulations!!i wish you a lot of luck with your new store!!!