Thursday, October 29, 2009

A major change

I realized that I have left out lots of details about the store, Sweet Dreams Designs, trunk shows, my trip to Quilt Market and lots of other things that some may be interested in reading. But it seems that everything is happening so fast and leaving little time to blog about it. So, I'm thinking it may just be best to skip ahead. Maybe...just maybe I'll have time to go back and fill in the blanks!

I have felt for the past few weeks, as I'm finishing up trunk show orders, that I'm kind of spinning in circles waiting for this big change. Like nothing else can happen until I "get this list done". The first thing on that list was moving my mother in law into our home. Not as scary as it sounds! The move went well, and Jeanette and "Miss Kitty" are living in our basement (aka The Mancave). However, the "cave" has been transformed and has turned into quite a cute little home for Jason's mom! The second thing on the list, of course, was finishing up trunk show orders. I had to finish the orders before I could do the big thing #3! The third thing was moving my entire sewing studio to the second floor of the shop!

I have been very anxious to get this done for several reasons. I'd like to be as "hands on" at the store as I possibly can as well as still keep up my sewing for Sweet Dreams Designs and Grandmother's Joy. I can't do that if I'm stuck behind a machine at home. Another positive thing about moving is that it is out of my house! I feel like if I can put myself on a schedule and sew at the store during work hours, then when I come home I can spend time with my husband and be a wife. It would also be nice for my rear end to see my couch cushions once a while! Granted, I'm not much of a couch sitter, since there is always SOMETHING to be done when running a household! But, on occasion it would be nice to sit alongside Jason and watch Thursday night TV!

So, now I am facing a major change in the way I do "business". In order to put myself on a schedule, that means getting up and getting ready and hitting the road every morning! I'm sitting here writing this in my PJ's at 11am, thinking "what have I done!?!?!?!" lol....

As soon as everything is arranged, I'll post pictures of the new studio. It's not super cute or anything, but I think it will be more functional than my home studio since it is much larger and has built in shelves, an attic, etc. It also has a bathroom, refrigerator and microwave, so I may never have to leave!


Fashionable Fabrics said...

Making lists and have a schedule defiantly helps to be more productive. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new workspace.

Teresa Pomerantz said...

I know whatever your studio looks like- over time it will evolve into exactly what you need- which is cuteness. That is just how you seem to roll :)