Monday, March 22, 2010

Sneak peek at my next line!

Yes, I did say I planned to take a break from creating a Fall 2010 line, and I still do! However, I never promised to stop planning, designing or obsessing over fabric for Spring 2011, did I? Bedsides, after my huge $5.00 fabric sale I had to reinvest that money in more new fabric, right? So, here is a little sneak peek at what I have coming for Spring 2011. These Amy Butler prints have been around for about 2 years, so they are nothing new, but there's nothing wrong with a classic! Plus, I've always wanted to use them for something and now's the time! In addition, I figure if I'm going to be ready for trunk shows by January 2011 AND have a baby and completely change my life - I might as well go ahead and get started!

As you may expect, with a little boy on the way I've already made plans to expand my boys collection as well. It is absolutely SHAMEFUL that there is so little to choose from for boys. Poor guys - I guess it really is a girls world! I've been to just about every store in Birmingham, plus craft shows, and it is the same everywhere I go....nothing for boys. I'm doing my best to change that! Something fabulous is on its way...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New inspiration

It is so much fun to have a new inspiration these days! Baby Charlie is on his way and I'm doing the best I can to fill his closet before he comes. This little day gown and matching burp cloth set is one of the first things I made for him and I loved it so much that I decided to begin selling it at Grandmother's Joy and now on the Sweet Dreams Designs website.

I just love these and can't wait to see the new baby wearing them! I know other new moms will love them too. I think it makes such a pretty gift for boys or girls and you can get the set for only $38. I'm offering them pre-packaged and ready for gift giving to make things super easy on the gift giver! I hope that these will become your go-to gift for all of the baby showers coming up this spring and summer! I know that I'll be attending my fair share this summer and I plan on bringing one of these with me to each of them!

Coming soon, I will offer these gowns and burp cloths in Minkee Dot super soft fabric and possibly chenille. So many possibilities! For now, here are the fabrics available. You can also purchase just the personalized burp cloth for only $12 and that includes the monogram! It comes in a sheer white organza bag with a Sweet Dreams Designs tag. Another beautiful gift for those on a budget or just a sweet add on to a larger gift!

I can't wait to see what else I come up with now that I have some new inspiration!

Size 2T Girl Model Search!

I am looking for a size 2T little girl local to the Birmingham area that would like to model for a print publication in the next 2 weeks! Here are the instructions and a few rules:


  • Email me at
  • Include you/your child's contact information, and a sample photo (preferably from a professional shoot, however a snap shot may work also)

  • This is not a contest, we are just trying to find the right person for the job!
  • Your child must be cooperative and outgoing...someone who loves the camera!
  • Do not email me if your child can almost fit in a 2T, sometimes wears a 2T, etc. It is extremely important that she is a standard 2T so we can see a proper fit. (this is for pattern testing reasons)
  • Only email me if you are sending info about YOUR child. No emails about people that I can look up or contact.

Extra info:

  • If you are a professional photographer that can send proof of your work, you MIGHT have an upper hand!
  • There is no monetery payment for modeling for this job! You will, however, get to keep the outfit you are modeling....and trust me, you'll want it! :-) In addition, your child's photo will be published in an internationally sold, full color pattern book.
  • Same goes for photography - this is not a paid gig for me, so I can't afford to pay you moneterily either. (sorry!) However, you will receive photography credit in the book, and if you do have a child, I will be happy to swap a Grandmother's Joy or Sweet Dreams Designs gift certificate.

Here are some sample photos from past pattern testing jobs I have done:

Photo by April Kuhlmann of Once in Every Life Photography

Photo by Heidi Baird of Elite Event Images / ESD Photography

Photo by April Kuhlmann of Once in Every Life Photography
Hope to hear from you soon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More fabrics added to the $5 fabric sale!

Here are just a few of the new fabrics that were added to the $5.00 fabric sale! Be sure and reserve your fabrics before they are gone! All of the ones shown on this page are ready to ship now! Just send a message to with your request and be sure to become a fan on facebook!

Friday, March 12, 2010

$5 Fabric Sale Pre-Orders

I'm wrapping up all of the Spring 2010 trunk show and clothing orders! I'll be done in just a few weeks and I've decided to have a HUGE FABRIC SALE! Visit our facebook page and click on the Spring 2010 Fabric album. There you will find a large majority of the fabrics that I will be selling for only $5.00 a yard! (Yep, that's wholesale, people!) There will be more added, but here is a look at what is currently available:

If you are interested in ordering, please send an email to Each fabric in the photo album on our Facebook page is numbered. Please send your request with the appropriate fabric number and how many yards of each that you would like. I will honor your request according to how much fabric of each I have left. First come first served!