Sunday, March 21, 2010

Size 2T Girl Model Search!

I am looking for a size 2T little girl local to the Birmingham area that would like to model for a print publication in the next 2 weeks! Here are the instructions and a few rules:


  • Email me at
  • Include you/your child's contact information, and a sample photo (preferably from a professional shoot, however a snap shot may work also)

  • This is not a contest, we are just trying to find the right person for the job!
  • Your child must be cooperative and outgoing...someone who loves the camera!
  • Do not email me if your child can almost fit in a 2T, sometimes wears a 2T, etc. It is extremely important that she is a standard 2T so we can see a proper fit. (this is for pattern testing reasons)
  • Only email me if you are sending info about YOUR child. No emails about people that I can look up or contact.

Extra info:

  • If you are a professional photographer that can send proof of your work, you MIGHT have an upper hand!
  • There is no monetery payment for modeling for this job! You will, however, get to keep the outfit you are modeling....and trust me, you'll want it! :-) In addition, your child's photo will be published in an internationally sold, full color pattern book.
  • Same goes for photography - this is not a paid gig for me, so I can't afford to pay you moneterily either. (sorry!) However, you will receive photography credit in the book, and if you do have a child, I will be happy to swap a Grandmother's Joy or Sweet Dreams Designs gift certificate.

Here are some sample photos from past pattern testing jobs I have done:

Photo by April Kuhlmann of Once in Every Life Photography

Photo by Heidi Baird of Elite Event Images / ESD Photography

Photo by April Kuhlmann of Once in Every Life Photography
Hope to hear from you soon!